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Steam Deck designer says SSD mod will drastically cut down the lifespan of your Deck.

Valve has allowed users to dig deep into their Decks even if they do not like them.

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Valve Steam Deck designer Lawrence Yang about an SSD mod that was revealed in the last few days. PC gamers wrote about the modification that was revealed last week. The mod resulted in the Deck owners (Decker?) swapping out the 2230-sized original SSD with an easier-to-find 2242-sized drive.

Yang has responded on Twitter, stating it is possible that the charging IC is quite hot and that the thermal pad should not be removed. Yang also says that larger SSDs, even though they might be easier to locate and are often less expensive, generally use more power and are warmer than the design specifications originally set to Steam Deck. Steam Deck itself.
Avoid this “this mod might seem to work, but it will drastically reduce the lifespan of your Deck. “

Storage has been among the most discussed topics on Valve’s Steam Deck mostly because it is the most distinctive feature of the various levels of the Deck that you can purchase. However, even before it was discovered that the handheld gaming PC had a standard M.2 slot within its small internals, Valve had been continually warning users against creating a DIY SSD inside the device.

The other aspect of the deck debate is the sound of fans, thermals, and battery lifespan. Cool cooling solutions were created to work with the original components if you’re introducing a new part in the system which calls to draw more energy than what the machine can provide. If that happens, you’re likely to decrease battery life and also gain an amount of heat.

In the report published about the mod, Katie pointed out that, in actuality, simply dropping huge MicroSD cards into the SDXC slot in the Steam Deck will give you all the storage space you’ll need when you travel and with no significant reduction in performance. The delta between running on the installed NVMe SSD and a microSD card was observed for two seconds during testing.

Valve said in a July 2021 IGN interview that the internal storage card is not upgradeable. The company then reiterated this in an October 2021 teardown video where it mentioned that tinkering with the handheld device could result in power consumption issues or worse—death. And even the device’s site clarified that the socketed m.2 2230 SSD is “not intended for end-user replacement. (via kotaku )

The original modder has similarly been in touch with Yang, expressing Yang’s opinion, “Mod at your own risk!” They claim. They also mention they’re considering the idea as proof of concept, that their thermal pad for the charging IC will “still make contact just fine,” and that the SSD selected is a low-power model.

The Deck also states that through the temperature sensors on the Deck, “thermals of the device have not changed. “Yang’s evident experience is the same way as Deck Papa’s. They are, however, looking into the limitations that the device can provide. They declare they are “planning on going further and finding ways to deal with my concerns regarding the mod.

(Image credit: Future)

“That’s why we enjoy Steam Deck. Steam Deck. It’s such a basic device, and it’s a damned PC. Yes, it’s a PC, but also a handheld gaming device that could be delivered in a form that would make it nearly impossible for anyone other than the most technically skilled with an iron soldering to get inside, let alone upgrade, swap, or alter everything.

Valve did not even employ Torx screws to prevent users from digging to check out how their decks work. They have made sure that all components are modularized to make the individual thumbsticks changeable—offering an option to purchase parts, such as iFixit, which allows users to fix virtually every issue their machine may have.

It’s refreshing. The more open-minded design style resulted in Steam Deck being encouragingly accessible… apart from being notoriously difficult to purchase.
Some companies might have found an option to lock you off your device if you did a modification they didn’t like. Valve’s method is to appear on the news and request to be politely asked: “please don’t do this. “

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