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Spotify ‘investigating’ issues with Android app not loading, stuck on splash screen

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Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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If your Spotify app on Android has been broken and not loading on launch, you might not be alone, as Spotify is looking into the problem.

In a thread on its community forums this week, Spotify confirmed an issue that prevents the Android app from fully loading, leaving it stuck on the splash screen without loading the rest of the app.

For those affected, the Spotify logo gets stuck on screen, with users then unable to start playback on their music/podcasts, while also preventing any ability to look through the library. One user stated the problem came up when they tried to switch to using SD card storage, and that it persisted even through uninstalling the app. Another user on Reddit found the problem after they logged out, as PiunikaWeb highlighted.

Spotify says it is investigating the problem now, even though it doesn’t appear to be widespread based on how many user reports have been public so far.

We’re receiving reports from Android users who say that when launched, the app gets stuck on the Spotify logo, refusing to load any further. This is being investigated.

It’s unclear how widespread the issue is, or what versions of the app it affects. Spotify is asking users who are seeing the problem to leave their device model and Android version, as well as the Spotify version number so they can sift through reports.

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