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Sovietcore FPS Hrot launches second episode, ‘The Degustation’

STALKER vibes with Quake speed make for a winning combination.

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fatima khan
fatima khan
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Hrot is a dark and gruesome experience, and the game’s creator, Spytihnev, explains its Czechoslovakia set in 1986: “Those times were dark and terrifying, and so is this game.” This is what makes its dry sense of humor work very well.

(Image credit: Spytihněv)
(Image credit: Spytihněv)


The game’s second episode begins right at the beginning. In the second episode of the game, you’ll discover an interactive object on the ground before you encounter any enemies. It’s an actual game within a game, a Soviet knockoff of Game & Watch, where you play as a cartoon wolf to collect eggs dropped from chickens. Then, the bloody murder of a cultist begins.

The second episode of Hrot’s series premiered on June 22nd. Its intense Quake/Dusk-style shooter remains a thrilling experience, as its twisted multilayered levels call for plenty of backtracks that allow ample time to relax between fierce battles but do not leave me disappointed or confused. The first level of Episode 2 is a castle located in the mountain ranges, which is quite a little different from the brutal dormitories of episode 1 and the office structures.

(Image credit: Spytihněv)
(Image credit: Spytihněv)


I’ve just begun “The Degustation,” but I’m looking forward to seeing what happens in episode 2 and how bizarre the planned finale, “The Gastroscopy,” could be.

Hrot is currently at 22% off during the Steam summer sale, bringing it down to around $16/PS12. This nostalgic FPS is worth a look or follows when it is nearing an official release.

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