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Sony Shaves Some Weight Off The PS5 With A New Model

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fatima khan
fatima khan
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Sony has started releasing a new model of the Ps5 console that shaves a bit of weight off of the original. According to a recent report from Playstation Press Start, a new model of the Ps5 has just started showing up in Australia at local retailers. These new versions of the console don’t include any performance upgrades or upgrades of any kind.

Instead, they simply weigh less than the original versions Sony released back in 2020 and the updated models from 2021. We’re not talking about a small amount either. Based on the details, Sony cut the weight of each version of the Ps5 by a pretty sizeable amount.

Each new Ps5 model

The Ps5 Digital Edition reportedly now weighs 200 grams less than the updated 2021 version. And the Disc Edition now weighs 300 grams less. Compared to the original launch versions of the console, that’s 500 grams less and 600 grams less respectively. That’s an entire pound shaved off each version. Which may not sound like a lot but it definitely makes a difference with a piece of tech.

While some consumers can’t wait for a Ps5 Pro that’s more powerful, a lighter Ps5 is certainly worth recognition. The Ps5 is a hefty machine and definitely Sony’s largest so far. And it’s unlikely that anyone is going to argue that Sony’s chonker of a console could stand to lose a bit of weight.

Sony probably knows this too, which is why it’s releasing these new versions. As for how Sony is making the Ps5 lighter, it’s probably swapping out parts for variations made with lighter materials. That being said, whatever parts were swapped could also have a positive impact on other functions on the console. Even if they’re only small changes. Right now these updated versions of the Ps5 may not be everywhere yet.

But if you’re waiting to get a Ps5, then you may have the chance to get one of these lighter models with the next restock. Interestingly, this reduction in weight comes just as Sony”

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