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Sony Eyes Production of 2 Million PlayStation VR2 Headsets in 2023

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Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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  • Sony Group Corp plans to produce about two million units of PlayStation VR2 headsets by March 2023
  • The virtual reality goggles production began in September 2022 and has cruised through without being affected by the supply chain problems, Bloomberg reported.
  • The company expects the demand for PSVR2 to be robust compared to its preceding offering, VR goggles for PlayStation 4.
  • Users will need a PlayStation5 console to use the VR headset.
  • Sony is yet to come out with an official price or release date for the PSVR2.

Sony is making an ambitious push to produce 2 million PlayStation VR2 headsets in 2023.

According to a person who knows the internal situation of the company, the console maker wants to increase the production of the virtual-reality goggles and create a “sales” momentum” for the next-gen wearable

The big news comes from Bloomberg‘s Takashi Mochizuki who claims, based upon reports from trusted sources that the manufacturing of the upcoming headset has begun in September, and, thankfully, no supply chain constraints have impeded the production of the device to date. What was most interesting was the fact that apparently, PlayStation expects to have manufactured two million of them by March 2023. Whether or not March ends up being the launch month for the platform of course remains to be seen, however, two million is a very specific number to simply line up with what is a very viable release window for the headset.

Apparently, Sony could be looking at a different perspective of releasing its PSVR2 headset to compete with Meta’s Oculus Quest 2 and other similar products from Apple and HTC.

Previously, the video game giant released PlayStation VR which suits the PS4 gameplay. However, Sony struggled to sell the units as it reportedly took eight months to hit a million-dollar sale.

On other hand, IDC stated that the Oculus Quest 2 has already completed over 2.8 million shipments in Q1 of its release.

As of writing, the company has not yet unveiled the price of the PlayStation VR2 goggles. Sony remains mum about the exact launch date of PSVR2.

For Sony to succeed in selling the mixed-reality headsets, it will need effective marketing machinery to get through that. As such, branding it for the PS5 console will be a difference maker for the company.

Last month, Tech Times reported that the Sony PSVR 2 has no backward compatibility with the old video game tiles.

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