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Sony 4K resolution Laser projector the ultimate way to watch movies

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Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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Sony is back with a fresh way to stream movies at home. You'll never need to go to the cinema again.
Sony 4K resolution Laser projector

Sony could be the answer if you’re sick of movies being destroyed by the crowds eating popcorn in buckets at your local cinema. The Japanese technology giant has revealed the debut of its new VPL-XW7000ES and VPLXW5000ES home projectors that transform any space into a movie spot.

Mega movie machines have the most advanced laser technology to create an impressive and clear image for your walls.

Both are 4K HDR-compatible, meaning movies and content are pixel-rich with deeper blacks and vibrant colors.

They also run Sony’s most recent high-performance image processing system, “X1 Ultimate,” for its projector” which offers a variety of techniques, including analyzing scenes of content to ensure that users are enjoying the most optimal experience.

In addition to the impressive images, Sony states that they have made the devices smaller and sleek. The design is now lighter and smaller than any they’ve ever made before.



Sony 4K resolution Laser projector

If you choose to go with the more expensive VPLXW7000ES will get auto-focus settings and live Color Enhancer mode, which can produce more vivid and vibrant photos in light conditions.
“We have been providing the best quality projectors to our customers to experience the most immersive entertainment experience for over 50 years as well as the Native 4K 4K SXRD projection projectors are market-leading in offering these experiences for more than ten years,” said Christopher Mullins, Home Cinema Product Manager for Sony Professional Displays & Solutions.

Sony 4K resolution Laser projector

“We are thrilled to introduce the world’s most compact and bright lasers for our clients with a modern design that integrates into a variety of homes and provides greater flexibility in the use of special rooms and media or living spaces that have the ambient light.”

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