Slack hasn’t been working for some people today. Perhaps the universe isn’t ready to allow us back to work this week.

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Slack is down live updates regarding the issue.
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Users who signed in the next Tuesday morning experienced issues sending messages, receiving messages, or loading the website at all. Based on¬†Slack’s site for Status updates, “something’s not quite right” regarding the login/SSO process, messages, and files/posts. Slack is currently investigating the issue.

Down Detector revealed the increase in the number of notifications of Slack downtimes at 9:15 am Eastern this morning. The reports ranged between 1,481 and 2,481. Based on the status page, it appears that certain users were not connecting with Slack Slack platform for around an hour in the afternoon of Monday. A change to Slack’s code “caused an error” within the desktop application as well as the browser on the internet, preventing some customers from sending messages. Slack announced on Twitter that they had solved the issue, but it seems to be experiencing more issues this morning.

A lengthy outage hit slack in the January of 2021. The problem initially resulted from an AWS network glitch. It’s unclear what the duration of the outage will last. It’s a big deal for Slack. Slack service is an important “digital headquarters” preferred by various businesses, and with it down, companies may be looking for ways to communicate with each other. This is the ideal moment to devise the best backup plan for communication.