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Six no-shows we hoped we’d see at this year’s not-E3

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fatima khan
fatima khan
A brand new writer in the fields, Fatima has been taken under my electric spark's RGB- rich and ensures she doesn't engage in excessive snark on the website. It's unclear what command and Conquer are; however, she can talk for hours about the odd rhythm games, hardware, product reviews, and MMOs that were popular in the 2000s. Fatima has been creating various announcements, previews, and other content while here, but particularly enjoys writing regarding Products' latest news in the market she's currently addicted to. She is likely talking to an additional blogger with her current obsession right now.

Now the dust has settled, we can take stock of not-E3. The next year of Gaming is shaping up to be pretty exciting, especially for fans of sci-fi horror (opens in new tab) and frogs (opens in new tab), but there were some no shows that made us a little sad. Just a little. We’ve all got our own Gaming tastes, games we’re keeping our fingers crossed for any information about. And even with potential other announcements throughout the year we always hope to see some juicy trailers at E3.

But alas, we missed a few of our most wished for at this year’s event so let’s all pour one out for the games we didn’t see this year, but hope to soon. 

(Image credit: Bethesda)

Imogen Mellor Features Producer – It’s obvious that Bethesda is deeply focused on the release of Starfield. After many teasers and documentary-esque snippets of development, we finally got to see a glimpse of gameplay for the space adventure game. And while that’s all well and good, I desperately need some Elder Scrolls in my life. We’ve seen so many re-releases of Skyrim that they act as a reminder that one of the best ever RPGs hasn’t had a follow up in over a decade.  

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