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Signalis is a brutally stunning slice of sci-fi survival horror

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fatima khan
fatima khan
A brand new writer in the fields, Fatima has been taken under my electric spark's RGB- rich and ensures she doesn't engage in excessive snark on the website. It's unclear what command and Conquer are; however, she can talk for hours about the odd rhythm games, hardware, product reviews, and MMOs that were popular in the 2000s. Fatima has been creating various announcements, previews, and other content while here, but particularly enjoys writing regarding Products' latest news in the market she's currently addicted to. She is likely talking to an additional blogger with her current obsession right now.

Like a forgotten Cold War numbers station, Signalis has hummed quietly and ominously in the back of my head for some time now. It’s been two years since I first caught it on RPS (opens in new tab), and longer still since developer rose-engine first broadcast its unsettling, anime-tinted teaser (opens in new tab). But this past weekend we got news that Signalis is finally releasing this October (opens in new tab)—with a demo debuting at Steam Next Fest this week.

That demo may be all-too-brief. But in that short runtime, Signalis proves itself a terrifying, beautifully sharp slice of survival horror.

You are Elster, a replika (read: replicant) in a dystopian future, the solar system colonised by an all-consuming totalitarian state. You awaken in a crashed ship on a frozen planet, your human colleague missing, and shimmering, shadowy creatures stalking the cabins and hallways.

Close up of a woman's face in a snowstorm

(Image credit: rose-engine)

So begins a Resident Evil or Silent Hill style survival horror adventure—learning how to solve environmental puzzles, combine items, managing limited ammo to fire clunky handguns at screeching creatures. Hell, if you want full “authenticity”, there’s even an option to turn on tank controls in the settings.

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