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Signalis brings multilayered psychological sci-fi survival horror to PS4 on October 27

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fatima khan
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Signalis is more than a survival horror game. It’s also a psychological horror story mixed with cosmic horror. You will need to experience the game to understand what it is all about truth.

Signalis is a melancholy, atmospheric horror story set in retro-tech sci-fi.
Elster is a Replika technician who wakes from stasis to discover that her spaceship crashed and that Ariane Yeong, the pilot, has disappeared. Soon, Elster discovers something beneath the planet’s icy surface. She receives a mysterious radio signal which changes everything.

A promise drives Elster to her partner’s loss, and she makes her way through an abandoned re-educational and mining facility. There, she faces distorted figures who trudge through the corridors and attack sight.

She descends deeper into the mines and facility, where she meets another Replika, a young woman with a dark agenda. She has her burdens and strange visions of past lives.

Signalis’ world is stark and desolated, with concrete walls and humming CRT screen screens. This world is where the totalitarian regime Eusan can be found through surveillance, bureaucracy, and propaganda.

Elster must use her creativity to navigate the bureaucratic barriers as she enters the mysterious government facility. Elster must use her radio to unlock codes and keycards and decrypt messages. She also needs to solve logic-based puzzles.

We made sure that these puzzles were not too tricky or complicated when creating them. They also had to make sense to the player and the world in which they were being played.

Several components must be combined to make a tool usable, or a chemical must be used to dissolve it in line with its real-world properties.The number of station recordings highlights Signalis’ Cold War-inspired setting.

Since World War I, number stations have been used to transmit encoded messages via shortwave radio signals. Often these messages are in the form of morse code and synthesized speech. It is not known what these number stations sent or their contents. Secret service agents likely sent many of these transmissions to their undercover agents.

Floppy disks, self-developing photographs, and old-fashioned operating system displays on CRT screens can be enjoyed by fans of cassette futurism. This is also shown in the inventory.

Signalis brings multilayered psychological sci-fi survival horror to PS4 on October 27
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Signalis is a tribute to classic PS1 survival horror games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill. You will be spending some time in the inventory. Although resources like ammunition and other health items are limited, you have the option to swap out items whenever you need them. You will need to choose whether to fight or run to preserve resources.

The game’s stylized, stark visuals are a tribute to Brutalism and 80s technology and are subtly contrasting with occult themes. Stanley Kubrick, Hideaki Anno, and David Lynch inspired the game’s slow pace and intense direction style. 

This is evident in the game’s bold typography and experimental cutscenes. The art of mangaka Tsutomu Nihei also inspired us, as is the Replikas’ predominantly black design and carefully placed contrast elements.

image credit to playstation

We took great care in creating unsettling environments, droning soundscapes, and a multilayered story that will hopefully stick with you long after the game ends.

Signalis will be made available on PS4 worldwide starting October 27, 2022.

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