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Next year, SCHiM emerges from the shadows.

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fatima khan
fatima khan
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PS5 and PS4 will get the shadow-hopping adventure that was just revealed.

We are pleased to announce that Schim will be available on PS5 & PS4! Schim is being developed in a team of two: Ewoud Van der Werf, the lead developer, and Nils Slijkerman, me. Schim also has additional levels and game design. Moonsailor is responsible for the audio.

You play the role of a schim (a shadow creature) trying to return to their shadow. You will travel through everyday Dutch-inspired locales where you’ll find other schim and characters with whom you can interact.

This trailer shows you how to interact with the world in a specific way. We haven’t shown it anywhere else! The different scenes show how the schim character interacts and interacts with objects. You can interact with or activate a shadow by pressing a square when you are in the shadow of an item.

Schim is a game that allows the player to explore and play with shadows and objects. While some shadows are only visible or sound-based, others will change the world and affect the players and characters.

These are some examples of the trailer. The second scene shows the schim of our player arriving in the location under the shadow of a duck. However, the duck notices that there’s a cat and refuses to continue. The game player jumps into the garbage truck and presses the shadow to interact button (Square in your DualShock 4 controller or DualSense controller). This causes the truck to honk its horn, which startles the cat. The duck then runs off, making it possible for the player to move forward.

Although this example provided a solution, we aim to offer multiple paths, interactions, and methods to complete a level. The second scene, in which a shadow interacts with the player, shows the player jumping in a car lot. The player uses the Square button to interact with the shadow and then activates the air dancer. The player can use the new path created by the air dancer as it inflates.

The trailer’s final scene shows another shadow interfacing with the player. The ticket machine is activated multiple times by the player’s schim. After pressing a few buttons, the ticket machine stops working and continues to dispense tickets. The barriers move up and down, and cars cannot enter the garage. The player is forced to move through a minor traffic jam and hops between the cars waiting for him.

While we are still in the early stages of development, we can’t wait for everyone to see the many interactions that we have created.

We are thrilled about Schim’s arrival to PlayStation next year, and we plan on sharing more development insights in the future.

this article first appeared on playstation blog.


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