SamsungSamsung provides a detailed explanation of how it will...

Samsung provides a detailed explanation of how it will incorporate NFTs for Photo into its TVs in 2022.


In January, Samsung announced that 2022 TVs would come with an NFT support feature. This will allow consumers to search, buy or sell NFTs and show NFTs.

Samsung provides a detailed explanation of how it will incorporate NFTs for Photo into its TVs in 2022.

Today Samsung announced this feature would be made available through its partnership and NFT auction site Nifty Gateway.

Nifty Gateway declares they are working in partnership with Samsung to develop the initial intelligent TV-based NFT technology, which allows consumers to search, purchase and sell “digital artworks and other items of collectible value.” Nifty Gateway integrates into the NFT platform of Samsung, starting in the 2022 QLED and Neo QLED models. It is accessible as an application for Samsung’s Micro LED and the Frame series displays.
HTML0In an interview, Samsung explains that the integration of NFTs was created to work in conjunction with TVs”ambient mode. Alongside more traditional options, like classic family photos and artwork, Samsung allows users to add NFTs of art or images they own into the add-to.

The video is timestamped to match the portion of the video related to non-financial transactions.

“NFTs provide a new market. Anyone can buy art from emerging artists and creators,” Samsung says. “Ambient mode will offer an NFT platform all in one place, allowing you to look into purchasing, view, and purchase digital art. “

HTML0The partnership with Nifty Gateway is intended to simplify the process of purchasing or selling and the process of making and storing the NFTs. Nifty Gateway claims it will Samsung customers will be able to use more than 6000 artworks created by NFT in this alliance.

“We have been committed to making NFTs easy to access and NFT buying easier than before,” Duncan Cock Foster, co-founder of Nifty Gateway and Nifty Gateway, says.

“With our plans of the future in our minds and our vision in our hearts, we could not be happier to work with Samsung to provide a fresh NFT interaction experience. Samsung’s commitment to user experience and its commitment to top-quality displays perfectly align with our vision to allow anyone, anywhere, to connect with their favorite artists. “

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Since it works in an ambient display mode, the art will only be displayed when no content is currently active (such as a television film, show, game, or video game being played. In essence, NFTs can be viewed as an unintentional screen savers. However, the possibility of buying NFTs using a method that does not require any cryptocurrency may make their use.
This is the way that Nifty Gateway and Samsung will likely seek to accomplish.

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