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Samsung June 30, 2022, updates are being released to these Galaxy devices.

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In recent years, Samsung has become well known for regularly updating its vast selection of Android devices- from low-cost phones to expensive foldable ones -with the most recent security update quickly. Here’s each phone and tablet with the most recent security patch. Samsung has updated its July 2022 Security Patch.

Samsung July 2022 Patch for security – What’s new?

Security updates usually include around a dozen, designed explicitly for Android generally and specific to Samsung smartphones. Its July release couldn’t be any more than the other updates. It contains fixes for July 1 and 22022 along with June 5, 2022, Android Security Bulletins, with three “Critical” fixes and 20 “High” severity ones.

Alongside the usual Android security fixes, Samsung’s July update targets 41 bugs unique to Galaxy devices. This includes seven of “High” and 20 of “Moderate” severity. A security flaw could cause a breach in the security provided via AppLock.

Devices that are running on the Samsung September 2022 Update and security updates

android 13

While Samsung generally releases the latest security updates before the start of the month, the latest update didn’t launch until July 1. Due to this, the pace of updates may be a little slower this month, but we’ll keep this list up to time over the next couple of weeks.

This list will include the date the update first became available and if it’s available within the United States. As usual, for the latest updates, the most recent ones will be displayed in bold.

Galaxy S series

Galaxy S series

Given the size and the popularity of investment made by customers of Samsung’s Galaxy S series, it’s no surprise that Samsung prefers the flagship model when it’s time for the most recent update to security. Every month Galaxy S phones dating to the past will get the latest security updates relatively quickly. Still, more work must be completed because the phones come with Exynos and Snapdragon variants.

As you’d imagine, initially, the Galaxy S phones to get the latest version for July were the most current models. They were Galaxy S22 series on July 4Galaxy S22 series on July 4. The Galaxy S21 series was also shortly behind and updated on the same day.

In a convenient way and sequential order of the release date, Samsung updated the Galaxy S20 FE with the 5G version on July 7.This pattern continued, with the original Galaxy S20 (and its S20+ and Ultra variants) getting the latest patch on July 11.

  • Galaxy S22 S22 S22+ S22 Ultra– S90xBXXXU2AVF5 (Released for the first time in Europe as well as Asia)
  • Galaxy S21 / S21+ S21+ S21 Ultra G99xBXXXS5CVFB (Released at first only from Germany)
  • Galaxy S20 FE — G780GXXXXS3CVF3 (Released first by Malaysia)
  • Galaxy S20 FE 5G — G781BXXXXXS4FVF3 (Released first to Europe)

Galaxy Z foldable

Samsung Galaxy Z foldable

“Flagship” has become a key term for the Android phones market, indicating the best specs and a design that’s designed to meet. It is possible that Samsung’s actual “flagships” in the past couple of years were its Galaxy Z series of foldable. Between Samsung’s Galaxy Z fold and Z flip, Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip, Samsung has been leading in the foldable category of Android phone models. In that way, Samsung often updates the Galaxy Z series just as quickly as the Galaxy S phones.

Galaxy Z Flip 3 Galaxy Z Flip 3 was the first foldable to receive the most recent update for 6 July, which began on July 6. Its larger sister, the Galaxy Z Fold 3, was updated shortly after July 7The Galaxy Z Flip 5G moved back one generation and saw the same update on July 11.

  • Galaxy Z Fold 3 F926U1UES1DVEG (Released first in the US)
    • Models that are US Unlocked are available. Models.
  • Galaxy Z Flip 3 F711U1TBS2DVEG (Released first in the US)
    • Models that are US Unlocked are available. Models.

Galaxy Note series

Galaxy Note series

Due to its Galaxy Note series, Samsung was one of the leading creators of stylus-equipped smartphones running Android for many decades. Even though the Galaxy Note series may have been removed following the release of Note 20 — and it’s being replaced by the Galaxy S22 Ultra, getting more attention, those who haven’t yet changed phones will receive regular updates.

Galaxy Note 20 5G Galaxy Note 20 5G was the first phone, an integral part of this series, that was able to get the security update in July. The regular Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra released new updates to the US within daysIts Note 10 series, still active in its updating, picked up the patch on South America on July 9.

  • Galaxy Note 20 / Note 20 Ultra – – N98xU1UES2FVED (Released initially in the US)
    • The US is available on devices that lock the carrier
  • Galaxy Note 20 5G N981BXXS4FVG1 (Released first from Portugal)

Galaxy A series and phones that are budget-friendly

In addition to the numerous premium flagships and folding phones that Samsung produces and sells, The Korean manufacturer also has a variety of cheaper phones. They include the moderately priced Galaxy A series, lower-end Galaxy M series, and the Flipkart-focused Galaxy F series.

The month began unsettling when Samsung unveiled its June 2022 Security Patch for Samsung’s Galaxy A32 on July 1. The Galaxy A32 was immediately followed by Samsung’s Galaxy A23, which was updated on July 4.

 Following the next patch came on Galaxy A53. Galaxy A53 snagged the latest update and security updates on July 7, as did the less expensive Galaxy F62.

  • Galaxy A53 A536NKSU2AVFA (Released first in Korea)
  • Galaxy A32 — A325NKSU1BVF2 (Released first in Korea)
  • Galaxy A23 — A235FXXXU1AVF3 (Released initially by the German government). Germany)
  • Galaxy F62 E625FDDU2BVG1 (Released first in India)

How to locate the latest OTA on the Galaxy device

If you own an item that’s expected to receive an upgrade, but the update hasn’t yet been sent to you, try making the update manually. Start Your Settings app, tap “Software update,” and choose “Download to install. “

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