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Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Poke Ball case is less sought-after than a cute Pokemon.


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 The case has the form of the tiny Poke Ball that acts as an outer shell that wraps around the standard Galaxy Buds 2 charging case.

The bundle is an exclusive edition that is available on the South Korean tech giant’s online store (thanks, Gizmodo) that includes a Poke Ball charging case, the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 wireless headphones, and a set of Pokemon stickers that include a selection of Gen 1 Pokemon such as Pikachu Gengar, Lapras and Pikachu, and numerous others.

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Naturally, it will add a lot of bulk to the charging case, and the round shape of its Poke Ball is likely to cause some noticeable bumps once put in the wallet. However, suppose you are a genuine Pokemon player frequently out in the field taking part in Pokemon Go and other games. In that case, there’s no more appropriate gift, particularly if you’re in the situation to enjoy music outside.

A complicated accessory

You’ll need to work hard to acquire the handy Poke Ball accessory. It’s currently only available at Samsung’s South Korean store for 134,000 won (around $109 PS89, $149 AU, or $109). The bundle includes cases, buds as well as a selection of stickers.

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The case cannot be purchased by itself at a reasonable price. This is unfortunate given that the case works for Samsung Galaxy Buds Live and Galaxy Buds Pro. This means that any new Galaxy Buds buyers (or buyers who want to replace their existing pair) will get the most value for money when purchasing this Poke Ball case.

As of the writing of this article, the pack is not in stock. Indeed, it is true that this Poke Ball case was in great demand with South Korean Pokemon fans. For now, we’ll have hope that the case will make it to the west so that Pokemon enthusiasts worldwide get this incredible collection of accessories.

We’d be happy to see that, especially considering Pokemon as an industry is growing exponentially in the current season. In addition, Pokemon Go proved to be extremely popular. However, Pokemon Legends Arceus launched for Nintendo Switch in January, giving the series a refresher thanks to an expansive, semi-open world design.

Additionally, the following installments in the original game Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are expected to release by 2022’s end. The two will have an authentic Spanish setting and the upcoming ninth generation of Pokemon to the series, and we’re eager to play the two with them.

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