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Samsung adds Phillips Hue Sync support for TVs in new SmartThings update

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Aizaz khan
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It is not difficult to control your lights using your Galaxy S22. We like the Smart Home as it is becoming the standard. Samsung’s SmartThings 2.0 will include Phillips Hue lighting support. This allows you to watch content on Samsung TVs and have your Hue bulbs match the colors.

It is possible to summarize that there are three main Smart Home control applications we use daily: Google Home, Samsung SmartThings, and Apple Homekit. Samsung’s SmartThings can be a great option for Galaxy users who don’t want to use Google Home.

SmartThings integrates seamlessly with Samsung’s Android skin. Many compatible Smart Home devices can be connected to your Samsung appliances, including speakers, Phillips Hue bulbs, and other Samsung appliances.

SamMobile reports that Samsung has begun to support Phillips Hue Sync. This application allows you to connect your TV’s media with your lights. This allows your bulbs to match the colors displayed on-screen, creating a great entertainment center.

This is possible with Phillips Hue bulbs, as well as with most modern TVs. You will need a Phillips Hue Sync Box to create a solid connection between the light setup and your TV’s media. The box is expensive at $250.

Samsung is also adding support for Philips Hue Sync. This will enable users to sync their Hue smart lights so that they flash, dim and brighten with the content playing on the TV

Samsung’s SmartThings update to its latest TVs will allow you to connect Phillips Hue bulbs and the SmartThings App, and your TV can control the lights. No Sync Box required.

The new update won’t work with expensive bulbs. We aren’t able to test it yet, so we don’t know how it will. It seems that the SmartThings update will not be able to control bulb color but brightness. This is a big bummer. After the announcement of Samsung’s new products, the update will be available in August.

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