PlayStation NewsReport: Sony Exposure Could Be Dated for the Beginning...

Report: Sony Exposure Could Be Dated for the Beginning of June


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Update: It wouldn’t be a rumour about a video game without some clarification, would it? Jeff Grubb has since taken to Twitter to elaborate on his statements, saying that he’s heard rumours that there won’t be a Sony show until September.


It’s not entirely unusual since last year, it held a Livestream in September, in contrast to summer. He also said the reason for this on the ResetEra website: “I’m saying there are two competing sets of rumours circulating among people who sometimes know what is up.”

Create from it what you want.

Original Story: Here, who’s up for a cheeky weekend rumour? We know that waiting for Sony to do something can be a painstaking process, especially when gossip like this is floating about, but these latest whispers are still worth pointing out.

The rumour comes from the frank (and credible) sports journalist Jeff Grubb, who reports that Sony could hold a game showcase scheduled in the first week of June in the most recent instalment of the show GB Decides. Grubb has cited “multiple” sources but cannot definitively prove that it’s happening.

It’s best to take it with an eye on the big picture, and then, as with anything like this –, the event’s timing is logical. We are aware that Sony is well-positioned for a colossal event. The summer season is shaping up to be the perfect time for publishers to announce their plans, particularly with the Summer Game Fest locked and loaded.

Do you think there’s something in this? Would you love to learn about a Sony event in June? Make some predictions in the comment below.

Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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