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Release date for Patch 6.25 in Final Fantasy XIV What ABOUT PAST PATCH 6.2?

Live Letter 73 sees Yoshida reveal the FFXIV 6.25 release date for the next Final Fantasy 14 update, as the MMO game’s director reflects on patch 6.2 feedback

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Final Fantasy XIV has been churning out a lot of new content at a consistent pace since the launch of Endwalker, and it seems to have no signs of slowing down.

Patch 6.2 ,Buried Memory, saw the release of a new raid tier, additional main story content, side quests, and more. The plethora of other content announced for Patch 6.2 is coming out soon, but when can players get their hands on it?

When does Patch 6.25 release in Final Fantasy XIV?

According to a recent Letter from the Producer Livestream, Final Fantasy XIV’s Patch 6.25 will release on Tuesday, October 18. This is almost two months after the initial launch of Patch 6.2. However, that isn’t to say that Patch 6.25 is a minor addition to the game. Several major forms of content will be releasing, including some brand new systems that are not just extensions of existing content.

What’s New with Patch 6.25 in Final Fantasy XIV?

Patch 6.25 will primarily feature the release of the highly-anticipated Variant and Criterion Dungeons. Variant dungeons are ever-changing mini dungeons with no role requirements that can be tackled solo or as a group, while Criterion Dungeons are essentially Final Fantasy XIV’s version of hard-mode dungeons.

Aside from these two major additions, Patch 6.25 will also see the release of new “Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures” story content for the Hildibrand saga. In a change of pace from past expansions, Patch 6.25 is actually tying Endwalker’s relic weapon acquisition to the Hildibrand story this time around, and players will be able to begin the process when the patch goes live.

Rounding up the major content releases is the addition of new tribal quests in the form of the Omicrons. Players will be able to level gathering jobs and earn reputation with this new tribe provided they have a gathering job at 80 or higher.

Final Fantasy Accounts Are Being Targeted By Hackers

To protect from any unwanted account breaches, Square Enix suggests changing any passwords you might share with Square Enix with other accounts.

Square Enix is telling players to reset their passwords or to use One-Time Passwords which are temporary verifications that authenticate a user for a single login.

The company says that if it continues to experience hacking attacks, it may force a password reset for all Square Enix accounts in order to protect personal information and data.

No reason has been given for why Square Enix accounts are under attack, but there will likely be continuous updates on the situation as they develop.


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