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Razer Kishi – Convert your phone into an handheld console 2022

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Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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In the mobile gaming world, you either like triggers or hate triggers, and I am not a fan and prefer to play the way God would have it, by playing with glass. However, a device on the market is rapidly replacing triggers as must-have accessories.

These amazing gadgets transform your phone into a fully-fledged console, or gamepads, as we call them. Although we’re restricted to mobile games, at present, cloud gaming is set to be available to us and will be a major game changer for your smartphone.

The Razer Kishi is a really awesome Game controller that works with Android with the USB-C port and an expandable design to accommodate most smartphones. It was a bit awkward to use. Somewhat awkward to use. This is due to how you let the clips go and unfold them feeling odd. I ended up turning the controllers slowly to open the latch on the back. 

It could be worth revising the design; I believe a twist in the release design will be a more natural motion when trying to load phones. Better yet, you can use an adjustable slider to remove the controllers. 

Shaks D55 controller is a great example this controller does this very well. It’s the same when folding into the Razer Kishi, and you need to align two gray tabs before folding it back. It will eventually depend on your muscle memory, and this shouldn’t be too important, but it’s not a great design, in my opinion.

After unfolding, the elastic band will maintain the tension, ensuring the perfect fitting. You can’t utilize the Kishi without a phone cover, but it’s pretty standard for most side-mount controllers. 

In addition to keeping your phone in place is a soft rubber grip on the phone’s top and bottom edges. Unfortunately, the fit is quite tightand dependent on the thickness of your phone, and it could lift the screen protector after just a couple of uses.

Razer Kishi

After being fitted, it is fitted, and once fitted, the Razer Kishi looks and feels very comfortable in your hand. The Xiaomi 11T Pro is quite spacious and perfectly fitted. It’s similar to being held by an actual Nintendo Switch, albeit much more robust and sporting a smaller screen.

The triggers and buttons feel sturdy, just as they would be from Razer. The joysticks feel a bit of heft and an incredibly solid click on each press.

In terms of gaming, when it comes to gaming, the Razer Kishi steps up. A combination of mobile battle royale shooters like PUBGM, Fortnite, and Apex Legends produced amazing results. 

And even though I’m not a gaming fan, a controller took me a short time to get used to and truly get used to the new gaming experience.

While mobile games can be played using this controller, Razer Kishi’s controller shines when you combine the controller with gaming on the cloud. Utilizing my trial AWG Cloud Gaming account, I enjoyed Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Doom in the local pub, which was much to the delight of the people around me. Does this sound like what you’ll experience when you play Steamdeck could be like?

Of course, fighting and driving games are great when using Razer Kishi. Razer Kishi, handing it to a few of your friends to play with, and the opinions echo mine: This gadget transforms your phone into an excellent game console.

Particularly once you can access cloud-based gaming, if you’re a mobile player who likes controllers, you’ll find that the Razer Kishi will hit the target.

Razer Kishi

Another great feature of this Razer Kishi that I like is the USB-C port that passes through the lower part of the controller on the left side, letting you charge your phone during your play. 

There are two holes for speakers that allow audio from the bottom of your phone’s speaker to pass through. Connecting to the Razer Kishi via Bluetooth is no need to connect, and you don’t have to install any application to pair it work. 

Although there exists an authentic Razer Kishi app, it simply shows you the compatible apps you own and lets you find other games compatible with it. I would like to have a button mapping feature that you can customize; however, for the time being, you can only update the firmware through the app.

Other than the issues I’ve mentioned earlier, Apart from the above issues, aside from the issues I mentioned above, Razer Kishi is a solid gaming device and appears to transform your phone into a powerful gaming machine. 

The model is primarily intended for Android phones; iPhone gamers need not be concerned, as it’s not a problem; the Razer Kishi is also available on your phone. It is available on the iStore if you’d like to buy one.

With a price of just under R2,200, at just over R2,200, Razer Kishi may be a small amount for many gamers on the move, but it’ll make a smart investment when cloud gaming comes to our shores.

NOTE: Razer Kishi Razer Kishi turns your phone into a gaming device. It’s not perfect, but it’s a solid gaming device built to last.


  1. Compatible with most smartphones
  2. The buttons and triggers feel high-end
    USB-C-based passthrough
  3. It can be carried in your pocket


  1. Unforgivable to let loose
  2. Could cause damage to the screen protector
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