Raspberry PiRaspberry Pi Window Now Streams Security Home Camera at...

Raspberry Pi Window Now Streams Security Home Camera at Office


Window of the future , or “fake perspectives”?.
Its all about you to decide.

(Image credit: Snicker1633)

It’s not The Scenery Channel. Instead, what you’re staring at is a fake window powered by our most loved SBC – that’s the Raspberry Pi. This unique project was designed by a person known on Reddit as Snicker1633.

Like many other stunning Raspberry Pi projects, this one was started due to necessity. Snicker1633 explains that they work in an enclosed office with no connection to Windows in the thread on the project. To reduce the loneliness, the team decided to build an entirely new device using the Raspberry Pi 4 that is beautiful and provides a glimpse at the security camera in his home.

The window is created using an old monitor, which outputs a real-time stream from their front yard with the Wyze Cam V3. The camera can keep a steady fix on the yard while the Pi streams streaming live to the window’s display in real-time via the built-in Omxplayer.

To create the Snicker1633 creation, the 32 inch LG LCD monitor was utilized as the screen for the window, but it could be changed to any display compatible with Pi. Snicker1633 attached molding around and around the monitor to give it the appearance of windows. Because it’s built on an ordinary monitor, it can connect easily. Pi is easily attached using HDMI.

To stream Wyze cameras footage to the internet, they needed to be updated to the specific live-streaming protocol (RTSP) firmware version. According to Wyze, the firmware is in the beta stage, but Snicker1633 has demonstrated that the firmware is compatible with this project. With this firmware update, the Raspberry Pi can connect to the Wyze camera RTSP stream and display it using the player.

The overall project isn’t too complex to create but is striking in its intent and execution. If you’re interested in creating fake windows for yourself, look up the original thread on Reddit and then read the comments for more details on putting it together. The majority of the components, like the window frame, screen, and camera, can be swapped for similar parts making this a flexible task.

If this project is getting you excited, but it’s not the project you’re hoping to create at home, take a look at this list of the top Raspberry Pi projects for more inspiration and other projects guaranteed to put your Pi to good use.

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