Raspberry pi is going to change the world. It looks like a zero, but acting like 2040.

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(Image credit: SB Components)

If you’re unable to locate the Raspberry Pi you’re looking for, then why not create your own? The group behind this campaign–SB Components, is working on it to launch an RP2040-based computer featuring the Raspberry Pi Zero form factor called the StackyPi.

This isn’t the first time we’ve encountered a product like this. We have previously featured the Red Robotic Pico 2. Pi board, which includes GPIO connectivity to the R2040-powered Raspberry Pi Pico module. Unlike this one, the panel we reviewed consisted of an adapter, which is a complete device.

The StackyPi comes with two rows of 20 male header pins separated to allow complete GPIO access. The GPIO support means that the StackyPi is compatible with numerous Raspberry Pi HATs. There is one caveat: the user is the one who programmers the support.

Apart In addition to GPIO, SB Components has included an SD card slot for microSD cards with 64MB of flash and a few buttons mounted on the surface. To power the device, StackyPi utilizes a micro-USB port.