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The Raft Juicer a new crafting station Revealed in The Final Chapter update

Here's everything you need to know to make every possible Juicer Recipe in Raft.

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As with any survival game, keeping yourself fed and watered is a top priority. While living on a raft gives you plenty of access to fish and water to purify, using the Juicer to create a smoothie will provide you with valuable buffs.

There’s plenty to explore in Raft. You’ll discover islands with enemies to overcome and valuable resources or blueprints locked behind various puzzles—including the Temperance safe code. The new trading posts will come into play in this guide, so you’d better ensure you have plenty of Trash Cubes. Here’s where to get Raft Juicer recipes and how to make this new crafting station.

How to make a Juicer in Raft 

You don’t need to track down a blueprint for the Juicer, though you will need to use items at the Research Table to learn it.

You need one of each of these materials to research the Juicer:

  • Plastic
  • Plank
  • Vine Goo
  • Bolt
  • Circuit Board

Once you have the crafting recipe unlocked, you’ll need to gather the same items again, but in the following quantities, to build one:

  • Plastic x6
  • Plank x6
  • Vine Goo x4
  • Bolt x1
  • Circuit Board x1

Now that the Juicer is built and ready to go, along with a battery to power it, it’s time to think about finding some recipes so you can whip up some delicious smoothies.

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Raft Juicer recipes list and where to find them 

You’ll find recipe cards all around the world map for your Juicer. While they don’t unlock anything you can pre-select, they do give you a list of ingredients that if added in the correct quantity to your device, will produce a specific consumable drink. Recipe cards can also be purchased from the Trading Stations that you find when visiting various islands, although some of these are gated behind some of the higher reputation tiers with those vendors.

Redbeet Shot

  • Raw Beet x2
  • Coconut x1
  • Turmeric x1

Spicy Pineberry

  • Pineapple x1
  • Strawberry x2
  • Chili x1

These Juicer recipes are found in loot boxes:

Simple Smoothie

  • Mango x1
  • Pineapple x1
  • Coconut x2

Silver Smoothie

  • Banana x1
  • Mango x1
  • Bucket of Milk x1
  • Silver Algae x1


  • Banana x2
  • Mango x1
  • Bucket of Milk x1

Coconut Beat

Red Melon

  • Red Berries x1
  • Strawberry x1
  • Watermelon x1
  • Coconut x1

Strawberry Colada

  • Pineapple x1
  • Strawberry x1
  • Coconut x2

There’s one more recipe that’s not on the list: “Leftovers”. You’ll make this if you put any four items in the Juicer that don’t make one of the smoothies listed above. This drink is nowhere near as nutritious as a proper smoothie, though it may help if you’re in a pinch.

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