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The highly-acclaimed Inscryption game will be available on PlayStation and PlayStation 4 with special features.

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PlayStation and Daniel Mullins, the creator of Inscription, just announced that the horror-themed game is headed for PlayStation 4 and 5. Not only is the game finally being ported over to the Sony consoles, but it’s coming with PlayStation-exclusive features that aren’t present in the PC version.

Publishing company Devolver Digital launched Incryption as a PC-exclusive game available for Windows on 19th October 2021. macOS and Linux porting were released in 2022. Meanwhile, Encryption will be released with the gaming console PlayStation.

Mullins explains the game’s mechanics as “a deep black card-based odyssey that’s a mix of roguelike deck building and escapes room puzzler and a bit of psychological terror. ” The players must find an escape route out of a dangerous stranger’s clutches by playing a card game online. If they don’t have the cards at the centre of the spotlight, players will look around the areas they’re in to resolve the issues and find power-ups to aid in the game of cards and eventually help them get out.

The Incryption PlayStation ports are loaded with unique features. The port uses the DualSense Controller’s built-in speaker to play the Stoat card’s sound directly through it. Additionally, it will use ambient lighting on the controller to simulate the feel and appearance of the inside. It’s then that the Dualshock 5 controller’s feedback haptic is activated when you use specific objects, like the pliers.

The game is part of the 7 Indie announcements for PlayStation. Other indie games being presented for PlayStation consoles are Cult of Lamb, Sea of Stars, Cursed to Golf, and Signalis.

While there’s no exact date for its release, fans of horror games, card games, and Roguelikes can expect Inscryptionto to be available on PlayStation consoles before the end of the year in 2022.

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