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Pixel releases a trio of brand new At a Glance features, including status for ridesharing

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Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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Today the website At a Glance on Pixel has fourteen distinct capabilities. Google is preparing three more, with ridesharing being the most well-known.

About APK Insider’s View: In this “APK Insight” blog post, we’ve decompiled the most recent version of an app that Google released to its Play Store.

If we break the files (called APKs for Android applications), it is possible to look at different lines of code that indicate possible future features.

Be aware that Google could or might not release the features mentioned above, so the way we interpret them is faulty. We’ll try to allow the ones near completion, but we’ll also demonstrate how they appear if they launch.

With this in mind, keep reading.
Since the start of the week, we unveiled the “Cross device timer” feature to be available in At a Glance that will display what’s placed for your smart Displays or Assistant speaker. Google is also trying to communicate “Food delivery” information on your home screen and lock since April.

Version S.21 of Android System Intelligence (ASI) that powers At a Glance and other intelligent features, such as playing and live captions, are now available. This ASI update adds strings to two of the features we’ve been monitoring, along with another one:

  • <string name=”echo_smartspace_cross_device_timer_toggle_title”>Cross device timer</string>
    • Timer info from your home devices
  • <string name=”echo_smartspace_food_delivery_eta_toggle_title”>Food delivery</string>
    • Arrival status for food delivery
  • <string name=”echo_smartspace_ridesharing_eta_toggle_title”>Ridesharing service</string>
    • Show the status of your ride

The Ridesharing service being discussed is Lyft or Uber to display the distance that a car is in the At the Glance and is helpful for when your Pixel has been locked. Similar to how iOS 16 is using Live Notifications to the lock screen later this year and also used Uber to show an example of onstage.

DoorDash is compatible with the At a Glance Food delivery integration and may apply to restaurants and grocery stores. Google hopes to broaden the number of services offered by third parties shortly.

As for the launch date, Google has linked the expansion of At a glance in conjunction with Pixel Features Drops. If the previous years are any guide, the next one will be released with Android 13.


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