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People are watching fraudulent Rockstar games GTA 6 ads on YouTube

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Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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The Fake ads for Rockstar games GTA 6 have begun popping up on YouTube with footage of other games to deceive viewers.
Rockstar games GTA 6

Through the decades, Grand Theft Auto fans have displayed an incredibly fervent interest in leaks, rumours and information regarding the unannounced, however, officially confirmed sixth primary entry of the game. Although this is Rockstar’s radio silence regarding the issue, other parties have also found ways to capitalize on this trend to gain profits.

The usual method of riding the hype wave is to publish leaks that might or may not be true to earn five minutes of fame or, in the case of mass-posting fake or even stolen text in GTA 6- related “articles”. GTA 6 users have recently revealed an entirely new method to scam followers.

LegalWallhacks first reported it on r/GTA 6, and this ad will appear before and during YouTube videos if the inscrutable algorithms decide you to be a person interested in this type of thing in light of your past searches or kind of videos you prefer to enjoy.

The commercial itself is a bizarre Frankensteinian horror piece woven with footage from GTA 5, Need for Speed, The Crew, Forza and the Saints Row reboot. It’s not difficult to recognize these games if you’ve played the genre and keep current with the latest and upcoming games, but GTA 5 and Online have become so well-known that many gamers don’t play other games or even follow gaming media and news.


Rockstar games GTA 6
Funnily enough, the image of a house found in The Definitive Edition thought to be a GTA 6 screenshot isn't actually in the fake ad.

Fans who don’t want to play playing over GTA 5 or younger gamers could fall for the trap created by the ad. However, the thing that makes this odd is that receiving an advertisement to play on YouTube implies that the person operating it must pay. It even has a minor alteration of the Rockstar Games logo to add authenticity, but it’s been altered only to avoid direct legal enforcement.

The motive behind the fake ad isn’t clear; however, the options aren’t very broad. Data collection or directing viewers to the channel of a particular type that might not be related to or even relevant toGTA generally appears to be the most effective option. Advertising on YouTube could be a costly game that you can play to make a few laughs.

We wouldn’t bet on these fake advertisements to hang around for long in any event. If we’ve learned one thing in the last few years is the fact that Take-Two Interactive wields their lawyers as weapons they’re willing to employ. This scam is likely to be short-lived.


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