Steam DeckPatent for Nintendo Switch could end cheaters before Splatoon...

Patent for Nintendo Switch could end cheaters before Splatoon 3 is published.


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This could be used in Splatoon 3 and other online multiplayer games to combat nefarious players.

Operattack discovered this patent. It is also known as “attestation software”.

Although this isn’t a new DRM system (digital rights management), it would be the first time Nintendo has developed its system.

This is perhaps the right time to launch Nintendo’s anti-cheat program. This would make it easier for cheating players.

Love is all that matters, but multiplayer.

Splatoon3 isn’t the only game that could be benefited from a custom anti-cheat system on the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo has been a key player in online multiplayer since its new console launched.

Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe are just two examples of such games. Ultimate still has active online multiplayer communities. The Nintendo Switch Sports launched recently to encourage online multiplayer.

It’s possible to envision a Nintendo Switch anti-cheat program that works alongside the game.

While it is uncommon, it can cause performance drops during heated online multiplayer games. Unexpected framerate drops can significantly impact online multiplayer matches where fast decision-making is critical.

If this becomes an issue with Nintendo Switch Online, it could mean that online games are slower than anticipated. This company is not known for its online performance or connection quality.

Although we prefer anti-cheat protections in place, they are better than none. We feel at least a little hopeful that Nintendo will investigate ways to stop cheaters from ruining the fun of games such as Mario Strikers Battle League and Splatoon.

We hope that the Kyoto-based publisher will find a better solution. The Kyoto-based publisher cannot afford to make it worse.

Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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