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OnePlus has made available the June patch for the phones.

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OnePlus began to release the 2022 Security Patch to a small number of smartphones in July. These are all phones with the latest OTA.

Was it onePlus Updating for June 20-22 20, 2022? How is it different?

At the beginning of June, Google released on June 1st the Security patch in the 7th post of the Android 12 Update for all compatible Pixel devices. Google also announced another Pixel feature, Drop, that includes numerous functions and features that, at present, will only be accessible to Google’s smartphone line. The OTA is built of QPR3 and was followed by the beta update for the Pixel 4 and its successor, the Pixel 6 series.

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It is essential to remember that OnePlus phones aren’t equipped with the most recent Android 12L/12.1 improvements. Still, it’s possible to try using this Android 13 Beta version of the most recent OnePlus 10 Pro. We believe that more devices will access this preview of the forthcoming OS upgrade, but it is only available in a small amount. Compared to Samsung Samsung, OnePlus is not quite as fast out of the blocks regarding Android promotions. This took up to June 15th to get the latest Security Patch on devices that qualify.

The June 2022 security update is available on a handful of OnePlus devices, but we expect more expansion over the next few months and weeks.

OnePlus phones that are running an update planned for June 2022

OnePlus is currently delivering an update in June of 2022. Android Security Update to its four smartphones. One of them is the flagship model of the company model; it’s the OnePlus 10 Pro. The three other phones are the 9RT model, Nord 2T, and the Nord CE 2 Lite. The OnePlus Nord N20 5G and Nord N200 will also receive an update without the June 2022 patches.

These updates are a follow-up to the OnePlus Nord 2 and Nord CE 2. We have had the update for June a couple of weeks in the past. The changelogs for these models differ, as are their build. Let’s take a look at what’s new.

Four OnePlus phones will receive updates in June, except for the OnePlus 10 Pro.

OnePlus has made available the June patch for the phones

It is beginning with its OnePlus 10 Pro. The phone will receive OxygenOS 12. A.15 version in Europe. This update does not just update for June. It also enhances the camera and also brings some stability enhancements. SOURCE

OnePlus ten series

OnePlus 10 Series

The current limit is one device within the latest lineup in each area; one plus has pushed to release the release date to June 2022. Security Patch to the OnePlus 10 Pro. OxygenOS 12. A.15 is now available with extra tweaks, including improvements to the fingerprint scanner’s display and a boost to the camera.
As we mentioned previously, there is no OnePlus 10 Pro. OnePlus 10 Pro is the only phone that is available worldwide. However, a OnePlus 10R that OnePlus 10R is currently available in select markets. If you’re located in a region where the phone is in sale, you’ll be happy to know that you will download the June patch with the OxygenOS 12. A.05 update. This patch contains several other software updates, such as improvements in WiFi connectivity, the performance of camera phones, and charging.  source

OnePlus nine series

OnePlus 9 Series

While it’s accurate that the OnePlus 9RT exclusive to India in China, it provides plenty of worth for the price. If you reside in India (or already own this phone), you’ll soon be able to add OxygenOS A.10 to your phone in June 2022, including a Security updatesource

OnePlus seven series

OnePlus seven series

Suppose you’re satisfied with running the trial version of the software. In that case, You can download July Security Patch on your OnePlus seven series phone with the help of the recently released OxygenOS 12 Beta Open 1. Built on Android 12.0, The beta build comes with the June patch, various UI, and under-the-hood enhancements. This build is not just a sample ColorOS that is integrated. Extreme OxygenOS enthusiasts might be advised to steer clear of it, but for security, it’s covered by the upgrade. SOURCE

OnePlus 7T series

OnePlus 7T series

Because a tiny chip separates both the OnePlus 7 and 7T series, this implies that updates usually arrive simultaneously. This is the situation for OxygenOS 12. Open Beta 1 available now accessible for OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro. It’s important to remember that this isn’t a necessity regarding technology, and we’d suggest OnePlus owners make use of downloading the most current patch, but it’s a good alternative. SOURCE

OnePlus Nord series

OnePlus Nord series

The low-cost OnePlus Nord N100 was the first smartphone equipped with the most current Juniper 2022 Security Patch that includes OxygenOS 11.0.6 and 11.0.7, which are now available all over Europe and Europe, North America, and North America, respectively. The update is not much more than the Juniper Security Patch and depends on Android 11.0.6.

Following the introduction of Nord 2T, it’s surprising to learn that this Nord 2 has received the most recent security update before the most recent model. OxygenOS A.21 was released on June 15th; however, the update was never mentioned in the changelog, other than the latest patch. This was due to the launch of OxygenOS 12 and Android 12 for the affordable phone earlier in the month.

OxygenOS A.11 on the OnePlus Nord 2T has begun rolling out to eligible devices and includes a few other modifications explicitly designed to be compatible with Microsoft Intune. This is one of the first post-release updates specific to the Nord 2T, which is currently unavailable to all areas.

As of June 22nd, the only other device that has received an update is the OnePlus Nord CE 2. The “Community Edition” device has been seen operating OxygenOS A.13 in the forums on OnePlus. Like its predecessor, the Nord 2, the changelog includes an update for June 20th and 2022, Security Patch, available for OnePlus models. The affordable Nord CE 2 Light has been receiving the patch released last month and its OxygenOS A.09 update, which is beginning to be distributed to regions where it’s available. SOURCE

Devices that are not in the process of waiting on June’s patch


While we see some devices that have received the latest patch, most of the OnePlus hardware line is current with previous 2022 security patches, including all the devices mentioned below. Because patches generally are distributed on the bi-monthly cycle, it’s possible that some devices do not receive the latest release of the next patch.

What do I need to install for June 2022 Security Patch on my OnePlus device?


OnePlus is well-known for releasing updates to its devices in a slow method. This means that the announcement at first and confirmation later through the company forums don’t provide a timeframe for when you’ll be capable of downloading an OTA file and also get your device updated and patched.

We suggest using an external program to get updates quickly. The Oxygen Updater is a program run by the community; it lets you download official updates .zip files as soon as they are released to the general public. This will ensure that you get updates as soon as you notice issues and cannot solve your problem on your own; then, you could have to revert in time to a previous version. This could need a device reset in the case of significant problems.

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