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Officially, The Meta smartwatches have been discontinued

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Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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According to a report by Reuters published on November 11, Meta canceled its plans for two smartwatches (via Verge). The Quest 2 VR headset is the most popular, but the company had plans to make multiple smartwatches.

The smartwatch, codenamed Milan had two integrated cameras. The smartwatch had two integrated cameras, one with a 5MP sensor to make video calls and the other with a 12MP camera to take photos. This was a huge undertaking. It was a considerable undertaking, despite the privacy concerns it would likely raise. As a result, meta ended plans for the watch in June. It was still working on two other watches.

These two projects were canceled today so the company can concentrate on its core hardware offerings, VR headsets. This is all in response to recent job cuts at the company. More than 11,000 employees were laid off.

The Meta smartwatches weren’t the only hardware that was canceled.

Smartwatches weren’t the only hardware that was cut. Meta is stopping portal development. Meta’s brilliant display is similar to the Amazon Echo Show and Nest Hub. The Portal was created to be an intelligent display for video calling. Users could tap into additional features. You can also check the weather, play music and watch the news.

These could be used to control smart home devices. You can still purchase the Portal and Portal Go from retailers. Despite Meta’s decision to kill the Portal platform, investing in one of these displays is probably not a smart move. The two other options we have mentioned will be able to serve similar purposes. You can video call, check the weather, and control your intelligent home equipment.

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