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Of course AI NPCs ‘can be conscious and can have feelings’ says technophilosopher

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fatima khan
fatima khan
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Meta’s just released another concept video showing off the metaverse’s (opens in new tab) potential capabilities and, while your mind might immediately go to a place of “what a load of corpo bull,” there’s something to be said for Meta’s proposition: “the metaverse may be virtual, but the impact will be real.”

If you simulate a human brain in silicon, you’ll get a conscious being like us. So to me, that suggests that these beings deserve rights.

David Chalmers

To try and get a handle on it, I’ve been speaking to David Chalmers, Australian-born technophilosopher professor at New York University, and author of countless books and papers on tech, AI, and consciousness (opens in new tab). The point was to figure out what kind of impact the metaverse will have on our future, but there ended up being heaps more to unpack than just that.

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