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NZXT H1 comes back on the market for PC builders
(Im–įge credit: NZXT)

The H1 V2 by NZXT comes with an integrated energy supply AIO processor cooler and riser cables. It’s an ultra-compact design that will save the space of your desk or the floor.

It will be sold through NZXT’s website on February 21. NZXT website from February 21st for $399.99 (USD) or EUR399.99 or AU$599.99 (roughly PS340) and will be offered in black or white to complement the monochromatic NZXT collection of products.

Although it’s a bit too high for a case for PCs but specialized cases can cost a lot It’s important to note that you’ll also get the 750W Gold rated SFX power supply and PCIe Gen 4 Riser cable, as well as the AIO CPU cooler for the same price.

It’s also important to note that this could remove the majority of issues that arise when building the H1 with a unique shape for example, the need to look up the dimensions of an CPU cooler, and the shortage of available smaller-form-factor power sources.¬†Additionally even though it’s small the new variant of the H1 will be a bit bigger to permit better airflow and to accommodate the majority of the top graphics cards that are available.


The H1 V2 has a small “tower”-style design, which is often compared to the Xbox Series X console, the H1 V2 has many of the design elements that made it a hit when it first came out in the year 2017.¬†Because of issues related to issues with the PCIe riser cable the version was recalled and those who were enthralled by its distinctive design and compact size were not able to appreciate it as much.

“We’ve reworked the original riser design from the H1 and learned a great deal from the original case and listened to community feedback,” NZXT announced in its official press release for the launch.¬†The H1 comes with a custom PCB, and we have worked closely with a new manufacturer to ensure that every H1 is built to the highest standard of quality as well as safety requirements.”

Opinion: Full tower cases are no longer relevant.

It’s likely that you’ve heard of the full-size ATX cases If you’ve been in this PC game or construction scene for some time.¬†Space was a major factor to expand and flow during the first decade of the 2010s and they were the most popular fashion of the time.

However, in recent times PC cases are getting smaller and more flexible, allowing builders to construct smaller builds without sacrificing performance or thermals. Full-tower PC cases look old-fashioned as power supplies and motherboards are getting smaller to meet modern requirements.

However, of course, they are a viable option and it’s much easier to construct custom water-cooling loops to fit into an even larger box and even towers that are mid-sized can be modified using this method.¬†Space is becoming increasingly important because Covid allows more of us to work at home.

I’m betting more companies will begin releasing small-form-factor cases in order to target the new crowd of users who want to squeeze the power of PCs in a compact case, particularly one that is able to fit an entire GeForce RTX 3090 and an appropriate power supply.