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Nvidia Lovelace the RTX40 series Everything we know

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The long-awaited successor of the Nvidia Ampere series of graphics cards is nearly there, with the new generation expected to be released in the mid-to-late 2022 timeframe.
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 The codename is ‘Lovelace’ in honor of British mathematician Ada Lovelace (who is considered the first computer programmer). You may identify these GPUs by their GeForce RTX 40 series.

Following this year’s Nvidia security breach earlier in the year, we’ve seen more information and rumors than we had anticipated. We have a good idea of what we can expect from the Ada architecture and when we can expect can be expecting it. It is, however, crucial to note that the information we have is speculative, and nothing will be definitive until Nvidia officially announces the series.

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What time will it be? It’s unknown what time Team Green will unveil its impressive new technology to the world. However, Nvidia will likely hold a special event to launch the new product instead of piggybacking off an existing conference as it did with Ampere in 2020.

We were hoping to get some scraps of information during the Nvidia Computex 2022 keynote. However, the event focused more on AI and data center developments and not gaming hardware for PCs.

We’re at a point where we have to wait. The current release timeline is that Lovelace will release in the third quarter of 2022. It will be sometime during September and July, so there are not too many months to wait for confirmation of many rumors floating on the internet.

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Nvidia GeForce the RTX4000 Lovelace”Cut to the chase.”

  • What exactly is this? Nvidia’s next-generation GPU architecture
  • How soon will it become accessible? Speculated to be the third quarter of 2022.
  • What is it going to be? Unclear, likely identical to the Ampere series. Ampere series.

Nvidia GeForce RTX 4000 Lovelace: Release date

Based on much news and speculation, the most likely guess is that Nvidia’s RTX 4070 and 4080, and 4090 GPUs may be released as early as July 2022. Previous releases by Nvidia support this prediction.

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The A100 was first revealed in May 2020. The consumer Ampere GPUs are coming out as the RTX 3080 and the RTX3090 four months later.

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If Nvidia follows the same release schedule as the Ada Lovelace GPUs, you can anticipate seeing the RTX 40-series launch in July or September. This would mean that Nvidia will decide on its own launch time for Lovelace instead of piggybacking on an event such as Computex or CES However, it’s not an all-inclusive list of things we’re able to conclude from previous releases.

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If Nvidia follows the same release schedule as the Ada Lovelace GPUs, you can anticipate seeing the RTX 40-series launch in July or September. This would mean that Nvidia will decide on its own launch time for Lovelace instead of piggybacking on an event such as Computex or CES However, it’s not an all-inclusive list of things we’re able to conclude from previous releases.

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The RTX 3000 flagship, Nvidia GeForce 3080, was launched on September 17, and it’s successor, the Nvidia GeForce 3090 RTX, the following day on September 24. The GeForce RTX 3070 was launched on October 28.

The staggered release is likely to be continued with Lovelace, and, although the collection could expand to include the same models and variants as Ampere, We’re expecting only that a handful of cards will be on sale on the day of launch, with new models coming out over the next few months to fill any gap on the market.

Nvidia GeForce RTX 4000 Lovelace price

A render of the reported Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 Ti

An alleged image of the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 Ti (Image credit: GPUDatabase)

There’s no official confirmation of pricing to anyone among the Lovelace GPUs set to debut in the series. Still, we believe that prices will be similar to the currently available Ampere range.

The Nvidia GeForce 3080 RTX has an MSRP of $699 (PS649, approximately $975 in Australia) and the Nvidia GeForce 3070 comes at $499 (PS469, roughly $680). The most expensive model in the family before the new RTX 3090 Ti was launched, the 3090 RTX cost $1,499 (PS1,399 which is equivalent to 2,100 AU$).

A problem with the chip caused the GPUs of many to be artificially overinflated, meaning that we could not buy a car at this price unless fortunate enough to secure the founder’s model directly through Nvidia at the time of launch.

If there’s sufficient inventory available, pricing, price scalping, and inflation can be avoided. So even if GeForceRTX4080 will be priced at a similar MSRP to its older model, the GPUs might be cheaper if history does not repeat itself.

There are also fears that, since the series is believed to have double the capacity and efficiency of the predecessor, It could also be more expensive. No evidence suggests this could occur; however, anything can happen in the last couple of years.

The GeForce RTX 4000 GPU of Nvidia: specifications

People in line to buy the RTX 3080 Ti in New York City

People in line to buy the RTX 3080 Ti in New York City (Image credit: Twitter / Matt Swider)

Only a few specifics can be confirmed about the specifications or effectiveness of TeamGreen’s next-generation graphics cards. What is known regarding Nvidia Lovelace is the fact that it is based on the 5nm process for production and can support the Ray Tracing. This feature has been used across every RTX GPU branded by Nvidia.

As we’ve mentioned before, the most popular idea floating around the internet is that Nvidia RTX 4000 GPUs are twice as fast and power-hungry as RTX 3000s. You may be interested in the possibility of upgrading your supply before time to prevent the inevitable shortage if Lovelace comes out.

However, numerous speculations have been floating around regarding power draw and performance, so here are the details on what we will get from GeForce RTX 4000 series.

According to the leaked data According to the leaked information, there are many models with the 4090 name. AD102 is likely the most powerful model, with AD103, which is AD103 as the most potent model. The AD104-106 model is likely to be the mid-range model, and the AD107 is an entry-level model.

It is believed that the flagship AD102 GPU version will have a vast number of SMEs within a single die, compared to Ampere’s GA102 84 SMs, which makes the difference 71% and is among the biggest in the last generation. The AD102 may have up to 18432 CUDA cores, an astonishing 75% increase over Nvidia’s upcoming model RTX 3090T with 10752 CUDA cores.

A well-known leaker Kopite7Kimi suggests that the graphics card will be powered by the AD102 chip that powers the RTX 4090. It is believed that the 4080 will be set to run on 16GB of VRAM for GDDR6X.

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What’s also revealed here and is quite possibly the most current hot topic about Lovelace pun made – is much more about the power requirements for the RTX 4000 graphics cards. We’ve already heard by Kopite7kimi that RTX 4090 could have 600W power consumption (and the massively heavyweight – possibly RTX Titan’s spinning on AD102 could be closer to 900W. That’s a truly astounding number).

According to this new information leak, Kopite7kimi states that RTX 4070 will have the TGP, which will consume 300W of power. For that, RTX 4080, that’ll supposedly come with a “similar TGP to GA102,” which is the chip that serves as the power source of the current models of RTX 3080 and 3090 (hence the assumption that AD102 will also be used for the RTX 4080, which is not the situation).

New images have surfaced, which appear to show a portion of the forthcoming Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 Ti, and it seems to be a massive GPU that users who use smaller PCs might have difficulty installing.

The images were uploaded to the Chiphell forums and were discovered by Wccftech. The photos depict the cooler and heatsink for the Founders Edition, which, if accurate, is Nvidia’s version of the graphics card.

Leaked images of the RTX 4090 Ti

(Image credit: Chiphell)

It also seems to give an accurate view of the heatsink, which is considerable. This RTX 4090 Ti, should it is available, will be a potent and energy-hungry graphics card. That implies it’ll require a powerful cooling system to ensure it doesn’t overheat.

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