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Nvidia GeForce Now may be coming to Nintendo Switch if enough people are interested

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Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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Nvidia GeForce now may be made available on other devices if enough gamers, including Nintendo Switch, are interested.
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Nvidia GeForce now may be made available on other devices if enough gamers, including Nintendo Switch, are interested.

GeForce Now’s vice president and general manager Phil Eisler said it could offer the game streaming service on other platforms. This all depends on demand.

Eisler stated, “Based on member requests, we started supporting smart TVs beginning with the newest LG TV models in December 2021. “We announced at CES that Samsung will be partnering with us to bring GeForce Now to its Smart TVs via the addition of the Samsung Gaming Hub. We are still evaluating other devices our members might be interested in.

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Recently, we’ve seen Nintendo rely more on cloud gaming to bring graphically-intensive titles such as A Plague Tale: Innocence and Hitman 3 to the console. While the Nintendo Switch 2 and Switch Pro models are still rumors, cloud gaming could bring titles to the console that may not be compatible with Switch’s hardware.

The current cloud streaming solution Nintendo has in place isn’t the best. Digital Foundry discovered that it is susceptible to pixelation and only tops out at resolutions of 720p. It also comes with a 30fps limit.

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Nvidia GeForcenow has an RTX3080 as its highest tier. This is significantly faster than the Nintendo Switch and could be a better alternative to the current Nintendo system.

It would be wonderful to see it. However, please do not get too excited.

(Image credit: Nvidia)

Nvidia GeForce Now lets you play your Steam library. It won’t be easy for Nintendo. Cloud gaming on Switch requires that users pay the usual purchase price for a title. GeForce Now is unlikely ever to become available.
Nvidia has a relationship with Nintendo, which should at most keep the door open. It is the only console not to have chosen AMD’s competitor Nvidia. Nintendo is expected to partner with Nvidia again if they plan to make the Switch’s successor compatible.

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