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Now the built-in iPhone Music Recognition feature syncs its history with the Shazam app

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Aizaz khan
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Apple’s Music Recognition feature in the iPhone Control Center can now synchronize with Shazam’s most recent version (15.14)(Source). 

Shazam app and across Apple devices that use that same Apple ID (via MacRumors). 

According to MacRumors, many users believed the feature required iOS 16.2 developer beta; however, it’s now available to iPhones with iOS 15 installed.

Following the announcement that it would acquire Shazam in 2017, Apple debuted Music Recognition as a built-in iOS feature in 2020, which will be available with iOS 14.2. The quality lets iPhone users find songs in their surroundings and apps without downloading the Shazam application. Suppose you now ask Siri or utilize Music Recognition or Music Recognition control to help identify themes. In that case, you’ll be able to save it to the Shazam app if it is downloaded.

iPhone Music Recognition feature
You can press and hold the Music Recognition button in the Control Center to view your Shazam’d songs on your device.

Another benefit is that it records the history of songs identified by Shazam’s Music Recognition Feature across all devices with an identical Apple ID. Until now, it was impossible to keep track of your record across devices unless you installed the Shazam application and identified the songs you could find there. Another option was to sign up to connect your Shazam with the Apple Music app and then create a playlist with Shazam tracks that were recognized over time by various devices. This could be beneficial if you’re not trying to download another app but want to view your tracks all in one place.

Learn how to integrate music recognition feature (without Shazam) Shazam application) on your phone by clicking here. If you’re interested in seeing the tracks you’ve chosen for Shazam, you can hold and press the Music Recognition button in the Control Center (once you’ve added it) to display the tracks.

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