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No, you don’t need a Stream Deck

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fatima khan
fatima khan
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Streamers, I know this is hard to hear but we collectively need to accept that you don’t need an Elgato Stream Deck. Stream Deck, not Steam Deck. I know because I have one and as brilliant as it is as a little device on your desk, it’s not something you need, especially early on in your streaming career. 

In streaming, appearances are everything. These days to show you’re a big streamer you need huge unwieldy microphones, and though someone else wrote that linked Feature I’m guilty of owning one myself. As a streamer of two years and counting, I have seen a number of hyped products and succumbed to their pressure more than once. The lighting, the gamer chairs, the little neon sign behind you, and more. 

Because of that, streaming is startlingly easy to sink large amounts of money into. I’ve syphoned most if not all the money I’ve earned from going live back into equipment and although some of it has definitely improved the quality of my stream and experience for viewers, other pieces I’ve bought didn’t. And at the top of the list of things I definitely bought more for its status symbol among streamers rather than its streaming worth is Elgato’s Stream Deck. 

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Hook, line, and sinker

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