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Nintendo Reveals First Look At Super Mario Bros Movie In New Image, Trailer Out Later This Week

Super Mario Movie: Nintendo Announces a Direct for the First Trailer, and Reveals a Very Detailed Poster

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Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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Nintendo has announced a Nintendo Direct presentation to reveal the first trailer for the Super Mario Bros. Movie – and has unveiled a poster with tons of tiny details to pore over.

Don’t get too excited just yet – this first look isn’t a trailer. But it is a new image showcasing our first look at the famed plumber in the Mushroom Kingdom of this movie, which is being made by Minions studio Illumination Entertainment. This image accompanies the announcement of a Nintendo Direct happening this Thursday, October 6, all about the movie. Nintendo specifically points out that there will be no video game news, however, so don’t expect anything more than Super Mario Bros. 

It’s important to note that the above tweet also contains our first official look at the movie itself via a pretty busy image of Mario himself standing in the midst of the Mushroom Kingdom, with Peach’s Castle looming in the distance. It looks nice!

Here’s a look at the image in full:

As you can see, this image reveals quite a lot. There’s Toad, an antiques stall selling relics of Mario’s past video games, plenty of pipes and platforms, and of course, Princess Peach’s castle high above the rest of the kingdom. There’s probably plenty more to glean from the image so have at it.

This image is our first look at the movie, but during the Direct on Thursday, which begins at 1:05 p.m. Pacific/4:05 p.m. Eastern, Nintendo will formally introduce the movie with the first-ever world premiere trailer, so be sure to tune in.


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