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Nikon will not be able to continue selling DSLRs

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The mirrorless democratized by Sony Alpha is in the process of eliminating that reflex camera. 

Long remaining traditional and affluent, both the Nikon and Canon brands nevertheless ended with a decision to take the plunge and begin production.

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However, now that they are facing the competition of smartphones, it’s the right time to consider the end of SLRs entirely.

In an article that was published on Nikkei Asia, it is stated that Nikon is preparing to end developing SLR cameras. “The fault of smartphones”, according to the columnists of the newspaper in a time where real cameras aren’t just for taking gorgeous photographs. They also have to be smaller, more practical, and equally effective for stills and video.

The mirrorless technology allows us to provide cameras that are interesting in the world of smartphones. Additionally, Nikon has already stopped the development of compact cameras that have become too similar to smartphones. The latest full-frame DSLR was released in 2006; the D6 has launched two years ago and could not be replaced.

In early November 2021, Nikon launched its first full-frame camera without a mechanical shutter, called the Z9. It was a bit late in Sony’s and Canon’s lineups; however, it was finally released. In its presentation, Nikon focused on its influence from integrated technology for smartphones.

The story of the Nikon SLR

The first SLR began in 1959. Its history shows that the camera helped Nikon establish itself in Japan and worldwide, becoming the second-largest manufacturer after Canon. An ever-relevant title. Nikon has created the well-known F mount to sell its products like hotcakes. It is the gateway to incompatibility for all lenses available.

The development of the reflex isn’t that old. It was not until 2020 that the sales for cameras with mirrorless at Nikon outstripped those of SLRs. 2.93 million units were sold in the mirrorless market as compared to 2.37 million units of SLRs. In 2000, the first market saw a growth of 31%, while the second saw a decrease of 66% (in volume).

With the DSLRs’ end, Nikon is currently turning its back on its 30 percent revenue share. As if mirrorless accounts for half its revenue, a small number of SLR customers are required to switch to mirrorless.

However, Nikon is still looking to be patient, which is why they described the Nikkei Asia report as “speculation”. Nikon “continues to produce, sell and service DSLRs,” they said.

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