LaptopsNew Ryzen APUs will be available to light and...

New Ryzen APUs will be available to light and thin gaming laptops by 2023.


Keep your hats on and gamers. AMD’s vast new roadmap for hardware has been unveiled at AMD’s Financial Analyst Day, with the CEO Lisa Su revealing a range of forthcoming hardware for commercial and consumer use (Source).

Amid announcements about Zen 5’s CPUs and information on RDNA 3 is a concise section that outlines AMD’s planned release of the brand new ‘PhoenixPoint and ‘Strix Point Ryzen APUs that are thin and light for gaming laptops that will be available in 2023.

For those who aren’t aware, An APU is an Accelerated Processing Unit, a device that combines a processor and an integrated GPU into only one piece. Its Phoenix Point APUs will utilize the Zen 4 processor microarchitecture and RDNA 3 graphics and power requirements ranging between 35W and 45W. The chips will be based on AMD’s name convention and eventually become known as the Ryzen 7000H-series.

It’s the Strix Point APUs, which will launch by 2024. They will utilize Zen 5 CPU technology. Zen 5 CPU architecture is expected to arrive in desktop CPUs later that year. AMD’s rDNA 3+ IGP cores are expected to come with a brand-new L4 cache mechanism. AMD is also working on new APUs for data centres with similar specifications.

Ryzen APUs

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Analysis: Can we expect better gaming notebooks in 2023?

The APUs offer a lot of potential in ultra-portable gaming laptops. This generation’s 6000H-series APUs called ‘Rembrandt’ were the first to adopt RDNA technology (older H-series APUs operating Vega graphics) and also included the superior Ryzen 7 6800HS processor that is in Corsair’s Gaming laptop.

RDNA 3 (and its 3+ model) is expected to be highly beneficial for gaming laptops with or without a discrete GPU. With Rembrandt’s iGPUs surpassing old 1080p GPUs, such as GTX 1060, we should expect excellent gaming performance at 1080p with these new APUs (Source).

This will make FHD gaming in the skinny notebook feasible without compromising graphics settings or framerates. The small power consumption and (hopefully) less heat generation of these Phoenix or Strix Point APUs make them perfect for gaming with integrated graphics in a thin and light system.

Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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