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New OnePlus 10T Update Boosts Security, Optimizes Camera Performance

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fatima khan
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The OnePlus 10T is now receiving a new update that boosts security, and optimizes camera performance, amongst other things. This update is marked as ‘A.07’, and it’s coming to global and EU variants of the device.

New OnePlus 10T update boost security and camera performance

This update follows the ‘A.06’ update that arrived only a couple of days ago. That update focused mostly on camera and charging improvements. Considering that the camera performance was one of the biggest complaints in reviews, OnePlus is doing its best to improve it. So, this update has a number of camera changes as well.

Before we get down to that, do note that it also brings the Android Security Patch for August. That being said, let’s talk about the camera improvements. There are there separate ones listed here.

OnePlus optimized the shooting effect of the ultrawide lens in Night Mode. That was one of the worst aspects of the camera, so it’s nice to see improvements in that regard. The company also improved the shooting effect of Portrait Mode when using the selfie camera.

The last camera-related change listed in the changelog is another important boost. OnePlus optimized the shooting effect of the camera in the backlit environment. That’s pretty much it as far as camera changes are concerned.

System stability has been improved overall

OnePlus did, however, also optimized the screen touch experience when playing games, and also optimized Wi-Fi stability. The network connectivity has been improved in general, and the same goes for communication stability.

The last entry in the changelog boosts the OS in general, as it has to do with crash fixes. It seems like functions/apps were crashing from time to time, but OnePlus did its best to polish things out.

This OnePlus 10T update is rolling out as we speak, OTA (Over-The-Air). Do note that it may take a while for it to reach your device, though. These updates are known to take up to a week or so, to roll out fully.

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