NetflixNetflix sharing is likely safe during the summer

Netflix sharing is likely safe during the summer


It’s been a year full of important questions and changes in the world of Netflix and its customers, but we could have a pleasant warm spring if this streaming company does not expand its account-based password-sharing charge test.


This week when inquired regarding the potential expansion of tests for sharing passwords into the US in the summer, A Netflix spokesperson confirmed to TechRadar via email in which they said that “We are working to understand the utility of these two features for members in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru, before making changes anywhere else in the world. We don’t have anything else to share at this time.”

Right. There’s no news here. However, there is no evidence that the process has advanced beyond the relatively small test conducted in Peru, Costa Rica, and Chile.

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However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re free and unhindered within the States and all over the world to give access to your Netflix password to your friends or family members and the employee who is always asking for it.

However, “working to understand” is a sign that Netflix’s efforts in figuring out the effects of its new surcharge are not over. At the very least, in the coming months (summer begins in the Northern Hemisphere on June 21 and runs through September 22), you don’t need to search for all those currently using your Netflix credentials to inform them that they should “knock it off!”

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The clock, however, is running. Netflix is left with no other option but to increase the program’s size. As per Netflix, 100 million households currently share their passwords with others outside of the home.

The Netflix news isn’t always good news.

With Netflix’s troubles with subscribers not ending – Netflix announced the loss of 200,000 subscribers and anticipates losing up to 2 million by the end of the year – the account sharing surcharge is likely to come into force in the US, and other countries end of the year. This is until Netflix finds out in its tests that a fee of just a few dollars (equivalent to one or two dollars in the currently tested markets) reduces the number of subscribers and speeds up the overall loss of subscribers.

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Netflix is considering other service changes, and, by the way, they could also be taking an extended vacation in the summer. When TechRadar inquired about the possibility of an advertising-supported Netflix service coming this summer, the Netflix representative we spoke to said, “It’s still early days, and we don’t have a timeline to share.”

Could that mean it will not arrive until the summer?

This timing or inability to predict it is logical. It’s not easy to introduce the possibility of a brand new, more affordable Netflix option – including ads – when most users in the US are going back out or on vacation, watching films in theaters, and generally do just a bit less Netflix streaming from their homes.

It may also be a good idea to sign up for the new ad-supported service in the fall, in which Netflix might have a fresh line-up of movies, shows, and many new festive programming.

Meanwhile, Netflix hopes to feast on the buzz and increase audience interest prompted by Stranger Things 4, which premiered on Friday. There are seven episodes available to catch up on now, and streaming services will bring the show back for a considerable two-parter (that could be longer than 3 hours) in July. This will keep current Netflix subscribers happy for the summer.

Netflix can make a significant move after this.


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Aizaz khan
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