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Netflix linking with Google Home, Nest and Nest devices is broken from several days

Numerous reports have confirmed a widespread problem with Google and Netflix account linking via the Home app.

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fatima khan
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You’re just one of many experiencing problems with Netflix on Google devices. Netflix integration with Google products is broken chiefly at the moment.

Numerous reports have confirmed a widespread problem with Google and Netflix account linking via the Home app. This link allows Netflix content to play on intelligent Nest Google displays and can be controlled via Google Assistant speakers. It also allows you to cast content to legacy Chromecast devices using voice commands. The reports have come in via Google’s forumTwitter and Reddit. They seem to have started around November 10 or 11.

People affected by the outage report see a message when accessing Netflix content. It reads: “Your Account is No Longer Linked.” Please relink via the companion app. Unfortunately, you cannot play any content beyond that message. However, devices such as Chromecast with Google TV seem unaffected.

Users are then directed to the Google Home app, where Netflix appears to have been linked. However, the link is broken behind the scenes. Tapping on the “manage” button brings up an interface that doesn’t load properly, and relinking your Netflix account to Google Home to a blank page with the URL “” at the top. The vast majority of reports show the same pattern.

Although it is unclear what’s causing the issue and whether it’s Google’s or Netflix’s fault, it seems to be affecting many people.

Google is, however, on the case.

A Google community specialist confirmed that an inquiry is ongoing but that there is no timeframe for a fix. The affected users should then submit a bug report.

The investigation is still ongoing and we don’t have any timeframe to when it will be fixed. In the meantime it would be very helpful to send us feedback by saying ” Okay Google, send feedback GHT3 unable to link netflix.”

This problem is something that takes work to be fixed. Some users could relink their accounts successfully, while others are still experiencing the issue.

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