NasaNASA just released a free game for Xbox (but...

NASA just released a free game for Xbox (but it’s got nothing on Kerbal Space Program)


US NASA, the space agency of America NASA, has launched a no-cost single-player management game available on the Microsoft Store – but To The Moon and Beyond could not be able to take your spirits out of the world.

Available to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, To the Moon and Beyond (opens in a new window) is a semi-educational management game that will challenge players to create their space program that is growing as you strive to launch teams composed of space explorers, and set up an ongoing home in the Moon. You’ll have to choose between opportunities for research in the International Space Station and choosing between projects to invest in returning to Earth as you try to create your space program at the lowest cost.

The game lets you choose from a range of research options, control your budget, and respond to events that could alter your space-related determination. You’ll need to finish eight mission-critical tasks before the timer expires between building rockets, rovers, or space suits.

It’s a simple game and doesn’t even touch that is as complex as other games with a space theme similar to Kerbal Space Programme. It’s a piece of education, complete with hyperlinks to online NASA content to help you discover the latest in aeronautical engineering. To Moon and Beyond Moon and Beyond does come with many accomplishments. However, it is a long way to go, and finishing all 11 will give you 1,000 Gamerscore.

This isn’t the only launch of the game, but it’s not the first time. To the Moon and Beyond was initially released on iOS and Android phones in 2020; however, NASA stated (opens in a new open in new tab) that it anticipated bringing the game to Xbox later on.

A tile screen in NASA's To the Moon and Beyond

(Image credit: NASA)

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It’s not the first time that NASA has collaborated with Vision Videogames to create an interactive game. NASA has previously worked with the developer Vision Videogames to create the Space Station Manager in 2005, SpaceStationSim. The studio lent the studio’s technical specifications and staff to build a 3D accurate version of the International Space Station. Some NASA employees also volunteered to be players in the beta test of the game.

Video games aren’t new to education. The Financial Times released The Climate Game (opens in a new tab) only earlier this year, requiring players to manage a nation’s economic growth and diversify sectors to move away from fossil fuels to achieve a zero-carbon economy in 2050. The interactive nature of video games is usually considered a valuable method to educate kids and families about real-world problems and the consequences of making tough choices.

If you’re looking to add space to your strategy game but want something a bit more complicated than the NASA-designed game for kids, check out Surviving Mars. If the meticulous industrial strategy is more your style, look into Factorio, which we believe is among the top PC strategies on the market.

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