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Mystifying Thing Filmed Dropping To Earth During Lightning Storm In Texas


One of the recent weather events one recent weather event in Texas has shaken people for an entirely different reason. It happened when a lightning storm hit Texas, the Lone Star State, last week. The resident, known as Conner, decided to record the event but ended up filming something else besides the lightning and an unknown object falling to Earth.

The user posted the video to Reddit the following day. The video displays a flash of lightning followed by light falling into the sky. The title of his post is “Was filming this thunderstorm as it passed by, and when I saw this, I did not think it was lightning, but it was 5-2-22.”

As reported by The Mirror, Conner said, “I cannot say I’ve ever experienced something similar to this before. I’ve never taken a picture of the sky or anything else, and on the day of the storm, I felt the need to capture it. I’m open to ideas on what it could be or what it might have been. The best-case scenario is that it was a meteor since I’ve never witnessed one. The worst-case scenario is it’s an invasion by aliens.”

The commenters expressed their thoughts. Some believed that it was a meteorite. However, some questioned the theory, arguing that it travelled way too fast to be an alien rock. A few believed it was ” ball lightning,” a questionable phenomenon that has been observed for centuries but never proved. Some suggested that the streak was an effect of how the storm was captured and was simply the result of a bug or drops of water that absorbed the light. Of course, some claimed that “It’s an alien spacecraft.”

Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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