One of the most significant problems with Windows 11 is the additional steps to change your default browser to instead of Microsoft Edge.
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Mozilla isn't supported on Windows 11 -- here's the reason.

One of the most significant problems with Windows 11 is the additional steps to change your default browser to instead of Microsoft Edge. Mozilla was one of the companies that were highly disdainful of Microsoft regarding this issue also. Despite recent improvements to Windows 11 to simplify the process, the problem remains simmering. The people who developed Firefox’s Firefox web browser aren’t content with the performance of Microsoft.

In a press release issued by a Mozilla spokesperson, distributed through Neowin and Neowin along with different magazines, Mozilla believes that more could be accomplished on Microsoft’s part. Recent actions from Microsoft concerning their default browser policy are deemed a “step in the correct direction” However, Mozilla insists on a more straightforward method of respecting the default browser choice for Windows.

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Even with the most recent version of Windows 11, which lets you select the default web browser in just a single click, users will be required to manually alter the default browser to work with certain kinds of files. The file types include SVG and PDF. In addition to being utilized by other browsers, SHTML and SVG, you might decide to download. The file types aren’t changing and may be left in place by Edge, which prevents Firefox and users of other browsers from having complete access to their preferred browser.

“More is it possible to guarantee that default browser preferences are set on Windows. The user must be able easily and quickly change defaults, and all operating systems must provide official developer support to default settings.” According to an official Mozilla spokesperson.

“In the past, we’d like to make improvements in reducing the number of steps required to make a brand new browser the default choice, as well as the opening of APIs and making them accessible to apps that can select an option that other Microsoft applications use,” the spokesperson added.

The most recent update, available from March until Windows 11, introduced the ability to switch the default web browser with just a single click. This would indicate that Microsoft is listening to feedback from its users regarding this issue. But, Microsoft has a history of pushing its browsers to be accessible to Windows users. This was evident in Internet Explorer, for which Microsoft was infamously accused of antitrust violations in 1998.

Microsoft, however, has been more accommodating to other browsers on the web. In a break from the past, Microsoft has permitted third-party browsers to be integrated into Microsoft Store. Microsoft Store includes in Windows 11. Firefox and Opera are now available for download via Microsoft’s service, offering users more options for browsing the internet.