It appears that Motorola will launch its first smartphone, which can roll. The information comes from Evan Blass and 91mobiles. In light of Evan Blass' track record.
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The company is currently working on its rollable first product but don’t expect to see it released anytime soon. This announcement comes in the aftermath of the real-world images of the next-generation Motorola Razr that surfaced recently, taken directly from the source.

Motorola is scheduled to launch an unrollable smartphone codenamed “Felix.”

The roll-able phone is called “Felix,” According to the report, it was revealed the Motorola Razr coming the year ahead is still in the beginning stages of development. Its codename is “Juno.”

As many of you know, we still don’t have a commercially-available rollable smartphone. OPPO did announce the first smartphone with the capability to roll at the close of 2020. It was called”the OPPO X 2021, which was also a functioning device; however, it wasn’t available to the market for purchase. OPPO stated that the technology wasn’t open to the general public yet.

LG Mobile was supposed to launch the world’s first commercially-available rollable before the company went under. LG decided to cut losses by shutting down its LG Mobile and shutting down the business.

That leaves us the Motorola “Felix,” though Motorola isn’t alone, investigating possibilities of folding. Samsung and OPPO are also working on the idea with various other companies. We’re not sure who will be the first firm to announce the foldable product.

The phone was designed to expand vertically but not horizontally.

According to the source, Motorola “Felix” could differ from the two other models. The phone will expand vertically, but it will not expand horizontally. This is a bit odd, but here’s the problem. Two different models were horizontally developed, creating the shape of a tablet.

The report states that the phone screen will increase by around a third size. It is also estimated that it will grow by 30 percent. It will be tiny even when produced, but it may grow into an enormous smartphone.

“Felix” from Motorola “Felix” The Motorola “Felix” is currently in the initial stage of its development. It’s unlikely to see it launch sometime in the near time. According to the report, we’re only a few months away from the phone’s release.