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Motorola Moto G 5G review: A tough sell

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Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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The recipe for an incredible $400 smartphone is a challenging one to find, and Motorola isn't quite perfect with the Motorola G5G.
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For $300, you’re in line to make some significant , though the performance may not be the best; you paid only $300. You’re paying significantly more if you pay $500, but you’ll get certain worthwhile upgrades and some desirable features. At $400, smartphones seem to offer the most expensive of both: a simple experience for the cost of the $300 phone that is a budget option.

This pretty much summarizes the 2022 Moto G 5G’s issue. It’s a great performer, particularly the model I tested that had 6GB of RAM. It’s a very durable battery, and I could drain less than 50 percent over a single day. However, I’m not sure if it’s worth more than its counterparts like the OnePlus Nord N20 or the Samsung Galaxy A32. The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G includes a 120Hz OLED screen and IP67 weatherproofing, making it worth the extra 50 dollars over Moto G5G.

  • Great battery life
  • Excellent overall performance
  • User-friendly software

Bad Stuff

  • Screens with low resolution
  • Only one camera that is useful for rear-facing
  • The experience of typing is quirky and fun

Let’s begin with the positive batteries and general performance. Its Moto G 5G has the MediaTek Dimensity 700 processor and 6GB of RAM. It’s excellent on paper, and it’s a good match in performance in real life, as well. Applications load fast and remain running in the background for an acceptable period. The phone generally does a great job while shifting between my tasks and getting through my day. This model is unlocked and has a powerful storage capacity of 256GB, and you can even add more with the MicroSD slot.

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It’s Moto G 5G’s battery of 5,000mAh is as large as it gets and is in line with Motorola’s claims that it can last for at least two days with a single charge. After one day of moderate usage, which included 4 hours of screen-on time, including video streaming, Zoom calls, lots of scrolling through social media, and all that using the screen’s top refresh rate enabled, I’m now down to 56 percent. This is among the highest battery life I’ve seen on the latest phones released this year.


This Moto G 5G has an impressive 6.5-inch screen but a lower resolution of 720p.


Motorola’s Android software is worthy of an honorable mention as well. It’s a touch-free version of Android 12 that’s genuinely user comfortable. It comes with some exciting features that I am looking forward to when I’m testing the capabilities of a Motorola phone, such as the option for a sunrise alarm in the settings for bedtime and the minimally annoying alerts that pop up on the screen of the lock. The Moto G 5G will come with only one OS platform update and three years’ worth of updates to security. It’s a good deal for a budget phone; however, for a bit more, you could obtain significantly better durability by purchasing an iPhone SE or Samsung A53 5G.

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It supports 5G, naturally -but sub-6GHz only, not extremely fast but challenging to locate mmWave. It’s not much of a deal in the end. When it launches, the unlocked handset will be compatible with T-Mobile and Verizon’s sub-6GHz network. Motorola spokesperson Stephanie Stiltz tells us that other carriers “will be available in the coming months.”

Details don’t appear on this screen as they would when you have a larger-res display.

However, excellent software, a powerful battery, or even speedy performance aren’t that important. Its Moto G 5G’s display isn’t the most impressive; It has a pathetic resolution of 720p for its 6.5-inch display. The details don’t appear on this screen as they do on display with a higher resolution. Also, it’s an LCD that isn’t as rich of a visual experience as OLED panels, with the 90Hz refresh rate helping smooth motion.

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The most significant issue I encountered when using it to type messages is something each person does millions of times per day. It records a lot of double taps that don’t belong in the case of using my default Gboard keyboard enough that I have to use backspace to remove unnecessary letters and periods several times while writing an entire text.

I’ve tried turning off the tactile typing vibrations from my case, which might be interfering; however, it hasn’t affected anything. Utilizing a different keyboard app does not help as well. It’s a challenging experience, forcing me to enter and retype logins and searches numerous times per day. It’s something I’d want to endure for a long before throwing the phone in the ocean out of anger.


The standard camera is 50 megapixels wide, and the depth sensor and an ultra-low-res macro camera on the Moto G 5G.


On another occasion, the phone did not receive text messages with any indication of an issue. I was in my home and connected to Wi-Fi, and I only noticed when I kept getting an authentication code with two factors that did not arrive. Turning off the wireless network and back on resolved the issue, but it was not until I’d lost a couple of messages and a myriad of different authentication codes.

Camera performance isn’t an area of brightness nor any flaws in the Moto G 5G’s report card. The primary rear camera has an image sensor with 50 megapixels that blends pixels to create images of 12 megapixels. There’s a macro camera of 2 megapixels and a depth sensor at the back, but neither is extremely useful. On the front is a 16-megapixel camera. The face-smoothing filter for selfies is enabled by default. However, you can adjust the effect or disable it altogether.

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Pictures in bright daylight are lovely, and Motorola does not go too far with HDR effects. The dim lighting can be a problem and is the same for many budget phones. When your subject moves and the lighting is dim, it will be challenging to take a sharp picture. There’s a night mode for extremely low-light situations and video recording with 1080p resolution. It’s a basic image feature set and certainly not the most advanced option for price, but it’s certainly not the worst either.


Despite a pleasant interface and a good performance, it is a tough choice. Moto G 5G is difficult to endorse.

It’s in a difficult place. It’s not good enough to merit an upgrade over less expensive budget phones. However, spending an extra amount will give you a higher-quality phone. The performance is excellent for phones in the budget category, mainly the 6GB or variant that’s offered unlocked. (Certain carriers will offer an option with 4GB of RAM that I’ve yet to try.) Battery endurance is superb, and Motorola’s software is well-designed.

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The glitches I observed on the phone’s touch sensitivity when typing and some glitches in the data connection are worrying. Beyond that, this Moto G 5G doesn’t provide a lot of value at a price. This Samsung Galaxy A53 5G includes many special additional features, such as a bigger screen and waterproofing and five years of security upgrades for just $450. It’s also available in the Google Pixel 6A, will be coming later in the summer, and has stated that it will offer five years’ worth of updates to security. It will come with a very excellent camera, as was the Pixel 5A used. There’s also the 2022 iPhone SE if iOS is your preferred option. It’s an excellent device for those who can manage with a tiny 4.7-inch display.

It’s a shame that the Moto G 5G doesn’t offer much value for the money.

If you’re connected to T-Mobile or Metro and Metro, it is possible to use the OnePlus N20, an excellent alternative priced lower. It has a more attractive OLED screen — though having a less fluid 60Hz refresh rate standard and fast charging using the charger included. The Galaxy A32 5G from Samsung is also an excellent option for $300 if you can locate it. It’s been in use for a year now; however, the phone is still a great alternative with a more versatile camera and three years of security-related support.

Many users are likely to encounter this model alternative to their wireless service — most likely the 64GB model with smaller RAM and a cheaper cost. Do you think the model is worth the price? The answer is “maybe.” Performance with 4GB of RAM is likely adequate to handle most of your daily tasks, and you also get that large battery and excellent Motorola software. The typing experience has me hesitant to recommend it. It is a great option, even at a cheaper cost, so the most effective action method is to test it in a retail store when you can. The best alternative is to choose one of the excellent alternatives offered by SamsungGoogle, or OnePlus.

Photography by Allison Johnson / The Verge

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