The Red Team has overtaken its previous record for the most consecutive quarter in 2006.

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Amd Cpu

AMD has made its way to compete with Intel for several years now, starting with introducing their initial Ryzen desktop processor in the year 2017. Since then, it has created its most powerful desktop CPUs using the Ryzen series of processors. In addition, the Zen 2 architecture has found an eternal home within its own Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5. This means that more gamers are gaming, editing video, and even deleting emails from AMD devices than ever before.

AMD made up 25.6 percent of the market for CPUs in the fourth quarter of 2021, as per Mercury Research, an industry research firm frequently cited by prominent tech industry names. This means that AMD represented a quarter of all PC CPUs, server embedded chips, CPUs, and semi-custom items during these three months and left Intel to eat the most significant portion of the pie, at 74.4 percent. Also, there’s the nominal 0% credit to VIA, which is the only other x86 licensee.

Mercury Research partially chalks that up to enormous growth in the number of gaming consoles sold between October and December that is anticipated to meet the demand during the festive season. However, the market won’t be delighted since there’s still a worldwide shortage of semiconductors; however, it’s a hectic time of the year.

If you only look at the CPUs for desktops, AMD has lost some ground compared to Intel during the same time and has dropped 0.8 percent. Similar to mobile share, which decreased 0.4 percent for the quarter, even though it was up over the whole year. AMD has helped to make up some of the loss in server share by introducing their EPYC chips, or at the very least, it gained 0.6 percent in the last three months in 2021.

The previous record quarter for AMD was during the cloudy months. The Q4 quarter saw AMD reach 25.3 percent market share at the time; its Athlon and Opteron chips were offering Intel an impressive kick.

AMD almost beat its record from 2006 in the third quarter of 2021. AMD estimated it at 24.6 percent…

In the current market, AMD’s effort to slap Intel has allowed it to gain traction in the market. AMD Ryzen processors have consistently provided excellent value for their performance; however, more than that, they experienced the more technologically advanced processor being superior to AMD and Intel’s offerings.

It’s not the case for AMD’s Ryzen 5000-series processors, which are currently in competition with Intel’s new 12th Gen Alder Lake chips, although AMD will have a solution to the threat with its Zen 4 processors later this year.

Each Intel and AMD had a fantastic year overall in 2021. Overall there were more than ever before sold x86 units in 2021 than before, which made for a profitable year for both companies. Overall, the x86’s revenues increased by 10.6 percent in 2021 from $66.6B to $74 billion.
In terms of huge numbers and in the process of completing the electric sparks trio, Nvidia also topped Meta this week, becoming the 7th largest corporation within the US. However, it’s not just the red team that is in the spotlight at the moment.