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In the aftermath of the investigation by authorities in the UK, Microsoft has announced the changes it is planning to bring to its products and offerings. Check out the article for the details.

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Microsoft To Stop Payments of Inactive Live And Gold Xbox Accounts

The United UK’s Competition and Markets Authority has been investigating Microsoft’s practices concerning subscriptions. The subscriptions are sold in Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass. In the investigation, the authority raised concerns regarding Microsoft’s subscription renewal program that auto-renews and the possibility of paying to extend an already existing contract that isn’t being employed.

In the aftermath of the investigation carried out by authorities from the UK, Microsoft has announced some changes that it will introduce to its services. These changes are designed to make it easier for customers to end or cancel the Microsoft Xbox Live or Gold memberships. Another change to be implemented is that Microsoft won’t accept payments from those who aren’t paying for the membership. But, it’s not the only modifications that will be made to Microsoft’s services shortly.

The changes that Microsoft has been made in the wake of an investigation by the CMA investigation

  • Microsoft will inform existing customers who pay to provide Xbox Live and Gold memberships and offer them the choice to terminate their 12-month subscription and get an entire refund.
  • Microsoft has to provide accurate information regarding price increases should they happen shortly.
  • The business must provide additional information to assist customers in better knowing the details of their Xbox subscription. Includes information on when their subscription is due to expire, along with the cost of the subscription and the best method to help customers receive a reimbursement in the event of an accidental renewal.
  • The company will reach out to those who have not had any Microsoft Xbox Live or Gold subscriptions but are still paying for them. At first, the company will remind users to end their subscription—the stop accepting payments.

Responding to the probe, CMA head of the department for enforcement Michael Grenfell says that “Gamers must provide with accurate and timely information to make an informed decision when they sign for auto-renewing memberships or subscriptions. We are, therefore, delighted to learn that Microsoft has offered the CMA the formal commitment to increase the fairness of their business practices and safeguard consumers. They also will provide refunds to customers who have been affected by the investigation. ” This announcement is on the heels of Microsoft recently announcing that they would be offering free games in February 2022.

Xbox Games with Gold for February 2022

  • Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s Curse: developed and published by Revolution Software in 2013, the game was released at the end of December 2013 and was released in December. It is available on every central console. In conjunction with an Xbox Gold membership, the game will be available from February 1 through 28.
  • Aerial Knight’s No Yield was developed and designed by Aerial Knight. The game will be released by Headup Games in 2021, and the game will be available for play between February 16 and Mach 15, 2022.
  • Hydrophobia is a game developed by Dark Energy Digital and published by the Xbox Game Studio in collaboration with Xbox Game Studio, and the game was launched in 2019. Hydrophobia will be available between February 1 and 15.
  • Band of Bugs: the game first came out on the market in 2007. NinjaBee created it with Wahoo Studios, and NinjaBee and Xbox Game Studios released the game.

These games are offered for Xbox Live Gold members for only a limited amount of time, as part of games included in the Gold advantage of paying for an account. Additionally, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users can play these games on an exact date. Microsoft has announced that it is planning to purchase Activision Blizzard, which will make Microsoft the third-largest gaming corporation in the world. Stay tuned for further updates regarding Xbox games, along with other information about gaming.