MicrosoftMicrosoft Teams update will help you master some of...

Microsoft Teams update will help you master some of your most challenging jobs at work.


Microsoft is currently working on an update for the collaboration platforms Teams, which should assist in taking some of the stress out of the virtual presentations.

In a brand new addition (opens in a new tab) to its roadmap for products, The company announced it would be launching Microsoft Teams users will soon benefit from the introduction of Cameo to PowerPoint Live, which is the integrated service presentation tool.

It will further enhance the current offering by allowing presenters to incorporate the camera feed into their slide decks, resulting in an appealing and polished presentation.

Cameo in PowerPoint Live

Since the onset of the pandemic, Microsoft has been testing different ways to enhance the user experience through virtual presentations to help users get the most of this universal medium.

The idea was to protect against the threat of video conference competitors such as Zoom in addition to the development of advanced presentation software such as Prezi.

Microsoft first announced the Cameo feature of PowerPoint Live in September 2021. The quality was later showcased to users who are part of the Office Insider program earlier this year. Microsoft has now disclosed that the feature is available for all users at the end of August.

According to the Microsoft blog article (opens on a new page), Cameo “enables users to embed live camera feeds into your slides effortlessly to enhance your presentation. This feature can provide a more immersive experience to your viewers. It will also allow you to get better prepared to present your presentation live.”

“Cameo provides you with full control over live camera feeds within PowerPoint. As with the other images, you can alter the size, position, or move and apply transitions or styles to your camera feed.”

The launch of Cameo for PowerPoint Live will build upon the foundation laid by other presentations-focused enhancements to Microsoft Teams.

For instance, Microsoft recently announced a new ” collaborative annotation” feature designed to bring a higher degree of interaction and an update that provides users with more specific video control.

Although virtual presentations will continue to be an issue in the eyes of many users, Microsoft will hope that the most recent Teams features will, at a minimum, reduce some of the paint off the job.

Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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