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Microsoft Outlook now has a faster version of its Lite app for Android

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Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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Microsoft Outlook users will soon have a “Lite” version of the app for Android that allows them to use Microsoft Outlook as their email service.

Microsoft mentions that Outlook Lite will be released sometime in July 2022. The company describes the app as:

An Android app that brings the main benefits of Outlook in a smaller app size with fast performance for low-end devices on any network.

This looks a lot like Google’s “Go” apps. These were reduced versions of Google’s Android apps for the “Android Go platform.” The “Android Go” platform is a simplified version of Android that can be used on low-end devices with limited memory and specifications.

Microsoft Outlook Lite seems to limit the number of email accounts that it can manage, according to documentation, which was spotted by The Verge suggests.

Microsoft Outlook Lite can only handle Microsoft-based email accounts that have not for education and business accounts.

Unlike the full version, the outlook for Android does not support Gmail and Yahoo email accounts. Outlook, Hotmail Live, MSN, or Outlook will be required to keep your email account.

You can only access one email account per app.

ZDNet mentions that Outlook Lite is available in certain regions. Microsoft appears to be planning to expand the app’s availability.

The app is also shown in a German publication  DrWindows. The outlet describes the app as “extraordinarily performant” even though the overall experience remains the same as that of the full Outlook app.

It is currently unclear when Microsoft will release “Outlook Lite” and if it will be region-locked.

Microsoft stated that they have nothing to share beyond what’s on the roadmap. However, the roadmap said that the app would be available in July. That’s precisely where it is. Likely, it will only take a few more weeks.

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