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Microsoft launches website to sell Activision Blizzard acquisition to the masses

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Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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Microsoft has launched a new website in a bid to convince onlookers that its pending $68.7 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard is a very good thing.

The website outlines Xbox’s “vision for gaming” and states what it claims are the benefits of the $68.7 billion deal for players, game developers, and the gaming industry as a whole.

According to Xbox, it will lead to more games on more devices, more choice when it comes to purchasing games, and more variety for mobile gamers.

On the development side, Xbox said the deal will make it easier for studios to get their games in front of players, lead to fairer marketplace rules, and provide greater flexibility in payment systems, while the industry overall will benefit from increased competition. Xbox specifically point out that Sony and Nintendo will remain the largest publishers.

The Xbox maker claims that players and developers are at the centre of its video game business, and that developers specifically “deserve more options to build, distribute and monetize their groundbreaking games.”

Sharing more details on how its seismic move for Activision Blizzard fits into that broader strategy, the company shared a chart to tout the notion that the deal will provide benefits for players, benefits for game creators, and benefits for the wider game industry.

The chart (pasted below) suggests the deal will create “more competition” the mobile industry, “where a couple of big players dominate.”

Notably, Microsoft added that the deal will facilitate “greater competition in traditional gaming, where Sony and Nintendo will remain the biggest” — which seems to suggest Microsoft is positioning itself as a smaller player than its main rivals.

Where the broader game industry is concerned, Microsoft believes the purchase will also help place an emphasis on “positive workplace culture” while increasing local investment from Microsoft into studios and creative ecosystems around the world.


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