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Microsoft is testing a new Quick Settings Bluetooth device list for Windows 11 Insiders.

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Windows Insider Build 22563 helps to make Bluetooth connections easier to manage.

Microsoft is testing a new Quick Settings Bluetooth device list for Windows 11 Insiders.
Photo by Tom Warren / The Verge

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Microsoft has announced the most recent edition of its test builds of Windows 11 to its Insiders. The upgrade is expected to make Bluetooth devices more accessible and easy to connect to. Windows 11 build 22563 is expected to show the list of Bluetooth devices within the Quick Settings menu of the taskbar and visible battery levels for all supported devices. This new Bluetooth list lets users connect to new devices and then unplug from their existing devices without accessing the full Bluetooth choices menu. The concept is derived from the Microsoft Quick Settings, which handles Wi-Fi networks and chooses an audio-related device.

This is the latest release of this update which is coming to Windows 11 following the recent addition of added new gestures for touch and in the Start Menu folders. Bluetooth is a major issue for Windows because it can be extremely clunky and hard to navigate its interface, particularly when switching between several Bluetooth devices. Microsoft began making major improvements to Bluetooth accessibility in Windows 10. Still, it’s been quite a while since they’ve made improvements that allow for quicker, more seamless connections and offer AAC compatibility. The new version of Windows 11 can be viewed as an unimportant improvement in your experience, but it’s going to help make Bluetooth connections less of a hassle on Windows devices.

Microsoft is testing a new Quick Settings Bluetooth device list for Windows 11 Insiders.
The new Quick Settings lists out Bluetooth devices, with direct access to connect and disconnect. Image: Microsoft

However, the fact that it is a member of the Windows Insiders testing program doesn’t assure that this feature will be available promptly or at all, even though it appears to be a slam-dunk from the “why did they not think of this earlier” section.

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